Study requirements for electrical engineering

Doctoral degree programme: Electrical engineering 
Responsible person: Tapio Fabritius

Total: 40 credits

Field specific studies 25-36 credits:

  • Doctoral Training Plan, 3 ECTS
  • Research Plan and Seminar, seminar, 1 ECTS
  • Other field specific studies 21-32 credits

General and transferrable skills studies 4-15 credits:

  • Introduction to doctoral training 1 credit
  • Scientific Research and Ethics 2 credits
  • Follow-up group meetings and reporting 1 credit
  • Other general and transferable skills studies 0-11 credits

Teaching tasks 0-5 credits (when the student has passed or study as a part of doctoral training at least 2 credits of university pedagogical studies)


The structure of the doctoral degree programme provides recommendations for the study schedules, as well as few suggestions for activities and courses that may be of interest in this field:
Structure 2019-2020




Last updated: 5.8.2019