Study requirements for health sciences

Doctoral degree programme: Health sciences
Responsible person: Maria Kääriäinen

Total: 20 credits

General and transferrable skills studies 4 credits:

  • Introduction to doctoral training 1 credit
  • Scientific Research and Ethics 2 credits
  • Follow-up Group Reporting and meetings 1 credit

Field-specific studies 16 credits:

  • Doctoral training plan 3 credits
  • Research plan seminar 1 credits
  • Systematic review 5 ECTS
  • One of the following courses, 5 ECTS:
    • Theory development and testing
    • Intervention studies
    • Register-based research
    • National and international studies in health sciences
    • Evidence synthesis for use of healthcare
  • International research seminar or Research seminar in nursing science and health management, 1 ECTS
  • Conference, research visit or teaching tasks, 1 ECTS (Teaching tasks 0-2 credits, when the student has passed at least 2 credits of university pedagogical studies)

The structure of the doctoral degree programme provides recommendations for the study schedules:

Degree structure 2020-2021


Last updated: 25.6.2020