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17.03.2016 blog

Sähkömarkkina murroksessa

Sähkömarkkina kohtaa seuraavan merkittävän rakennemurroksen varsin nopeasti. Älykkäät verkot yhdessä pientuotannon ja kuluttajien asennemuutosten kanssa ovat tämän murroksen keskeisiä ajureita. Muutokseen liittyy myös merkittävä uusiutuvien energialähteiden käytön kasvu. Uusiutuviin energialähteisiin – tuuleen ja aurinkoon – liittyy myös haasteita. Ne ovat ajallisesti vaihtelevia, vaihtelun ennustettavuuteen liittyy epävarmuutta, eikä niitä voida perinteisten energiamuotojen tapaan ajaa tarvittaessa ylös ja alas.

05.11.2015 blog

Graduation Speech: “Every End Has a New Beginning.”

I graduated from the Oulu Business School on 29.10.2015. As an international student, I was asked to give a speech from a graduating student's perspective. Below is the speech that I had prepared for the event. Thank you for taking time to read this and giving me an opportunity to share my experience. :D------------------------------------------------Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Bimala Chapagain, an International business student from Nepal. As nervous as I am standing here today I am also proud to be sharing my experiences with you all.

24.08.2015 blog

Business school deans gathered in Oulu to discuss digitization

 This year, Oulu Business School hosted the annual meeting of Finnish business schools. Over 30 deans, vice-deans, directors of studies and administration travelled to Oulu for a two-day event around the theme of digitalization and how it influences education and research in Finnish Business Schools.

28.05.2015 blog


In autumn 2014 a very interesting opportunity presented itself, when Oulu Business School was invited to join a delegation travelling to Moscow in October. Oulu Business School is internationalizing strongly, and so our mission and profile of an international, multidisciplinary and research based business school with a global mindset took me on a journey to Moscow.

07.05.2015 blog

Polar Bear Pitching

 Business Kitchen is the University of Oulu’s and Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ entrepreneurship hub, and one of the main organizers of Polar Bear Pitching. Business Kitchen brings together students and entrepreneurs under one roof in the center of Oulu. Business Kitchen is part of Martti Ahtisaari Institute of Global Business and Economics.

27.03.2015 blog

Globally Responsible Business - OBS’ new course on responsibility and sustainability in global business conduct

 ‘Globally responsible business’ or ‘sustainable business’, as it is often referred to, has become a buzz-word both in scientific discussions and the world of business professionals and stakeholders. Rightly so, as past and present societal disparities and environmental catastrophes often are influenced by business conduct and the larger frameworks they take part in.

30.01.2015 blog


I, Abdul Kareem Mohamed Ashraf passed the public defense of doctoral dissertation on 17th Dec 2014 at Oulu Business School (OBS) department of marketing.

17.12.2014 blog

Introducing Master's Programme in Marketing

My name is Waqar Nadeem and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Programme in Marketing (MM) at Oulu Business School.  Why should I choose to study the Marketing programme at Oulu Business School? This might be the most important question that you might ponder upon.

12.12.2014 blog

Introducing Master's Programme in Economics

My name is Enni Ruokamo and I am the coordinator for the International Master’s Programme in Economics (ME) at Oulu Business School. This short blog is directed towards those who are interested in our ME programme starting in autumn 2015.

10.12.2014 blog

Staff Exchange in the United States

  In the areas of economics and business coming up with new fresh research ideas requires a great deal of creativity. For this reason, exchange of thoughts with foreign colleagues as well as international academic experience is of high importance in the university life.