Biophotonics research in Optoelectronics and Measurements Techniques Laboratory has more than a 10-year-long history. The Biophotonics group is a member of Oulu BioImaging consortium, which, in turn, is an associated partner of Euro-Bioimaging infrastructure network.

We employ different optical experimental techniques to image surface and internal skin and bone structure; to sense glucose in blood, skin and tissue-mimicking phantoms; to manipulate microparticles and red blood cells and to study interaction forces between them; to visualize flow velocity profiles of biological liquid (blood, protoplasm); to monitor brain activity. Additionally, we fabricate tissue-mimicking phantoms with capillary structures, perform Monte Carlo simulations of light migration in tissue to support experimental research and estimate alteration of skin properties by administration of nanoparticles. 

Prof. Tuchin from Saratov State University (Russia) was named Finland Distinguished Professor and joined our team!

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