Thesis requirements and studies

The doctoral degree consists mainly of research, but studies are also required. Doctoral research and studies correspond to four years of full-time work, but the degree can also be achieved by working part-time. 

Doctoral thesis

The most significant part of doctoral training is the research, which the doctoral researcher plans and conducts with the support of their supervisor.

The doctoral researcher must write a doctoral dissertation and defend it in public to complete the degree. More information about the examination and the approval of doctoral dissertation is presented in the page "Final stages of doctoral degree". See also the instructions about the requirements for the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral studies

The aim of doctoral studies is to increase the doctoral researchers' expertise in their own field and accumulate the general skills and knowledge.

Doctoral studies are arranged by the Graduate School, Doctoral Programmes and doctoral degree programmes within them, as well as national and international doctoral training networks. The studies should be planned with the supervisor in the beginning of doctoral training, in order for the studies to support doctoral research and the competence needs of the doctoral researcher.

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Doctoral Programmes

Each doctoral researcher belongs to one of the four Doctoral Programmes of the University of Oulu and the associated Doctoral Training Committee. Doctoral Programmes provide field-specific doctoral training supporting the timely completion of the doctoral degree. Doctoral researchers may participate in courses / activities organised by all the Doctoral Programmes. The Programmes have strong connections with local, national, and international research communities, which generates multi-disciplinary and high-quality training environments.

Study right and passive register

Find information about your doctoral study right and instructions on how to keep your study right active.

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