Tourism geographies and sustainable mobilities (TOGSUM)

Main research themes in Tourism Geographies are sustainability, tourism and regional and local development, impact of tourism, policy-making and governance of tourism, tourism and climate change and relationships between local cultures, communities and identities with tourism. The key emphasis is to study tourism in its socio-spatial context as a multiscalar and constantly transforming phenomenon.

Research in Tourism Geographies is internationally oriented and research aims to connect theoretical and empirical approaches. Tourism geographies also links fruitfully with other social sciences, including anthropology, development studies, political economy, political ecology and evolutionary economics, for example.

22.9.2017 Researcher

Jarkko Saarinen

21.8.2018 Researcher

Kaarina Tervo-Kankare

29.9.2019 Researcher

Outi Kulusjärvi

19.8.2020 Researcher

Siamak Seyfi

10.4.2019 Researcher

Alix Varnajot

4.12.2018 Researcher

Sini Kantola

11.4.2019 Researcher

Aapo Lunden

10.4.2019 Researcher

Mari Partanen

Professor C. Michael Hall (Docent, Tourism Geography)

Researcher MSc Ellen Kimaro


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A Nordic Centre of Excellence in Arctic Research on “Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities” (REXSAC)(2016-2020). Nordforsk

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