International networks

Principles for Responsible Management Education

PRME, the Principles for Responsible Management Education is a sustainability initiative supported by the United Nations Global Compact. PRME supports universities and higher education institutions providing teaching in business and management. It engages business and management schools to realize the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through responsible management education, and to develop responsible leaders of tomorrow.

At Oulu Business School, we are proud to be a part of PRME and to contribute to a sustainable future through responsibility-centred research and education in diverse fields and on various educational levels.

Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) exists to catalyse the development of globally responsible leadership and practice in organisations and societies worldwide. It is the leading incubator for innovation and new practice in business schools and for collaboration with business in the space of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability. It aims to create awareness of the need and urgency for responsible global action and to equip individuals, organizations and societies to respond to this call.

For us in the Oulu Business School global responsibility is a central area of research and education. Therefore we have been an active partner of GRLI for a long time. Currently one of the guardians of the GRLI council is our researcher Anne Keränen.

Last updated: 20.12.2019