Maturity test

The maturity test evaluates the learning objective of written presentation with a standard question:

Present the outcomes of your thesis in relation to prior scientific research and discuss how the outcomes of your thesis can be utilised in business life or economic decision-making.

Student can do the maturity test after the manuscript presentation has been accepted by the supervisor. OBS maturity tests are written as electronic exams in camera-supervised room TL 102. A student agrees beforehand with a teacher on when to take the maturity test in Exam-system. A teacher creates the exam in Exam-system and publishes it with a certain time period. A personal exam (e.g. maturity test) is available only for a certain student. A student receives a notification through e-mail: ”You have been created an exam. Please reserve date and time.”  The e-mail includes a link to the Exam-reservation calendar, and the computer/seat is reserved at the same time. Instructions for students on how to reserve date&time and a computer/seat can be found from: When registering, the student should check that the test code is correct: 721010S Maturity Test, Master's Degree.

Language of the maturity test is Finnish (or Swedish), unless the student has received previous education in a foreign language. Only in that case, language of the maturity test can be English. For more information about the language, contact:

Last updated: 15.2.2018