University internship refers to work which is connected to a student’s field of study and in which the student applies his/her knowledge into practice and gains working life experience. Internship is mandatory for all bachelor’s degree students at Oulu Business School and optional for master’s degree students.

Bachelor’s degree students are expected to gain work experience and an understanding of the organization's operations during the internship. Tasks can include e.g. handling financial data, writing reports, learning to use different information systems and tools, market research, customer service or planning and implementing operations.

Master’s degree students are required to work either in a managerial position or as an independent specialist who has a responsible position with a possibility to use organizational resources.

The student will work under the supervision of the internship instructor appointed by the company. After the internship the student reflects and describes the internship period in a written report which will be returned with a weekly diary and a copy of the employment certificate to the responsible person at Oulu Business School.

You can recruit a trainee by filling in an advertisement through the Aarresaari portal, where you can target the position for University of Oulu students and specific field of study.

Let business students or interdisciplinary student teams to solve your business case

Student projects

Case study projects and student assignments are a good way to utilise business school students’ expertise. Student projects are utilised for example in Company project course, in which student groups work on a genuine development project in order to solve a real business life problem.

If you wish to have a multidisciplinary student team to solve your company problem, University of Oulu Career Services can help you out.

Gain beneficial research information on a topic of interest to your organization

Thesis assignment

A thesis assignment is a perfect way to gain beneficial research information on a topic of interest to an organisation.  A bachelor’s or master’s thesis provides the organisation with reliable information and an external perspective due to the independent and impartial approach required from the thesis by the university. It’s important to notice that a thesis is supposed to demonstrate the student’s ability to do scientific research that fulfils the academic requirements.

Thesis topic

Students must get an approval for the subject of their thesis from their supervisor prior to beginning the work. The subject can vary widely and depends on the needs of the organization and the interests of the student.


Employment or other contracts related to the thesis assignment are concluded between the student and the organization. To avoid misunderstandings, the parties should agree on issues such as the confidentiality of the research material, the organization’s anonymity, schedule, wage/fee etc., related to the thesis in advance.

Suggest a thesis topic on Aarresaari portal

You can target the advertisement for University of Oulu students and specific field of study.