Clean water by intelligent sensor network

Length of project: 
6.2016 to 11.2016
Source of the funding: 
Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES)
Committed funding: 
EUR 60 000
Description of project: 
For the last few decades, an ever increasing demand for fresh and clean water has emerged as one of the major needs in the society. Water is also essential to the production processes in many largest industries globally, including pulp and paper, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and biotech. The purity of water in different fields of industry can be critical in saving energy, creating efficiency in the use of raw materials and saving in the needed water volumes which in turn decreases the amount of produced waste water. Monitoring and tracking the content of chemical and other substances in industrial processual water has become a major pain point of the customers. Although laboratory-based water analysis instruments represent the largest product segment, online systems for water analysis are expected to emerge as the fastest growing segment. Multi-analyte on-site testing of the effect of purification chemicals and the quality of processed water would enable quick feedback and real time process control prohibiting extensive use of chemicals and excessive waste water volumes. The aim of this project is to develop customer specific connected sensing solutions for multiple application industries. Suitable business models will also be developed. Raman spectroscopic data can be generated in a decentralized manner very close to the birth place of the data which reduces costs and improves data reliability. The solution can enable saving energy in waste water treatment and process water purification, saving on the amount of used raw materials and in the needed water volumes comes through combining a low cost sensor platform, on-site testing device, accessibility of results through cloud services and rapid data analysis. The overall concept therefore covers multiple sectors including industrial internet, water purification, sensing technologies and chemical suppliers.
Contact person: 
Timo Koivumäki (

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