Seminar: Eero Vaara and Robin Holt

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 to Friday, November 18, 2016

Oulu Business School has an honor to host two distinguished Professors, Eero Vaara and Robin Holt on 16th - 18th of November. Professor Vaara and Professor Holt will be speaking in three different occasions during these three days. The seminars are open for University faculty and students.

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Eero Vaara: Historical Embeddedness in strategy-making 

Time: Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016, 14.30-16.30

Place: Ice Breaker Stage, TellUs


Despite the proliferation of strategy process and practice research, we lack understanding of the historical embeddedness of strategic processes and practices. In this article we present three historical approaches with the potential to remedy this deficiency. First, realist history can contribute to a better understanding of the historical embeddedness of strategic processes, and comparative historical analysis in particular can explicate the historical conditions, mechanisms, and causality in strategic processes. Second, interpretive history can add to our knowledge of the historical embeddedness of strategic practices, and microhistory can specifically help us understand the construction and enactment of these practices in historical contexts. Third, poststructuralist history can elucidate the historical embeddedness of strategic discourses, and genealogy in particular can increase our understanding of the evolution and transformation of strategic dis- courses and their power effects. Thus, this article demonstrates how, in their specific ways, historical approaches and methods can add to our understanding of different forms and variations of strategic processes and practices, the historical construction of organizational strategies, and historically constituted strategic agency. 


Robin Holt and Eero Vaara: Editors’ keynote - Publishing in Organization Studies and in Academy of Management Journal

Time: Thursday Nov 17th 2016, 10.00-12.00

Place: Ice Breaker Stage, TellUs


Robin Holt: Research seminar – Gothic strategy

Time: Thursday Nov 17th, 14.00-16.00

Place: YB210


Using the work of art critic and social reformer John Ruskin I consider what it is build and live with organizational forms. In his Stones of Venice Ruskin considers how the lively, expressive and often vulgar Gothic form was superceded by Renaissance order, and the how this reflected a baleful change in the nature of the Venetian Republic. Using this distinction, I consider whether organizational strategies might be better configured as more Gothic than Renaissance. 


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