Oulu Business School graduate Niklas Harki in the finals of Miltton Thesis Competition 2016

Niklas Harki, a graduate of Oulu Business School, took part in the Millton Thesis Competition 2016 with his thesis of “Utilizing online video to lead an organizational culture in the digitalized world of the information age”. The annual thesis competition looks for the most insightful and interesting master’s thesis in the field of marketing communications. Harki was chosen among the five finalists.

Harki’s thesis topic was about managing organizational culture through online videos. The study describes how online video gives an opportunity to transform documents with meaningless words, decisions without a face, and impersonal and general messages to stories that make the organization believe in a common vision together. The results of the study show that online video ecosystems and using online video is not something that can be detached from the true values of the organization but rather builds on the culture of the organization and presents emerging opportunities to further embrace and reinforce shared artefacts, values and assumptions. The thesis is available at: http://jultika.oulu.fi/files/nbnfioulu-201603101292.pdf.

For Harki the thesis competition was a great experience. “Being among the five finalists opened my eyes to how high-class theses are being done in Finland, and how current and future oriented topics students choose these days. In performance training we had to e.g. summarize the message and the findings of our theses in two minutes, as well as to try how it feels to explain the results to our grandparents or a friend in a bar. Without these practices I wouldn’t have learned to summarize my own 110-page thesis in 10 minutes.”

Harki encourages the students of Oulu Business School to choose a thesis topic that is actually of interest to them. In that way you can benefit from your hard work also afterwards. “I have utilized my own thesis in my work, got a scholarship from Oulun Kauppaklubi in Arvoseminaari, and now even got a place in Miltton’s thesis competition.” says Harki. “I began my work as an International Trainee of communications and responsibility at Lidl Suomi in October, and I am certain that online-videos will raise their head in many ways during my two year trainee program. So, research is future in this case!”

Oulu Business School congratulates Niklas for his great accomplishment!

Last updated: 30.1.2017