724813P Entrepreneurship in Action

ECTS credits: 5

Language of instruction: English

Timing: Period A-D

Learning outcomes: Upon completion of the course, the students are able to apply the core competencies of his/her studies in a real life entrepreneurship context.  Students are able to realize and start working with a business opportunity or social problem in practice to find a solution. The student will improve his/her entrepreneurial skills; multicultural group working, problem solving, communicating and presenting.

Contents: Students take the Business Kitchen’s Programme Avanto to entrepreneurship in action course. In these studies students generally co-operate in workshops where they learn practical methods of entrepreneurship like business model creation and validation processes, lean methodology, marketing, branding, basic financial management and presenting ideas e.g. pitching.

Mode of delivery: Face-to-face teaching and coaching.

Learning activities and teaching methods: Bootcamps, workshops, group work, individual guidance.  Most of the exercises are completed as group work (132 h).

Target group: University students

Pre-requisites and co-requisites: No

Recommended optional programme components: No

Required reading: Selected readings are provided during the course

Assessment methods and criteria: Programme specific assessment that may include both group and individual assessment methods.  

Grading: The course utilizes grading scale “pass/fail”

Persons responsible: Niina Karvinen, Anne Keränen.

Working life cooperation: The programs of this course are run in close co-operation with relevant business partners or applied to practice. Students also learn practical entrepreneurship skills.

Other information: The number of students is limited

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Last updated: 28.10.2019