The fPlaza project promotes leadership, entrepreneurship and sustainability

University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences reinforce women’s high-growth entrepreneurship, career opportunities and business expertise in the international fPlaza project. The aim is to develop and pilot three entrepreneurship and business management training programs for women in entrepreneurial or leading positions.

The fPlaza training programs include education, development of methods and learning materials to promote leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as expert and educator exchange, joint seminars and international field trips. Training program contents are planned together with the international cooperation partners.

The goal of developing and sharing expertise is to create the conditions for new products and services, as well as to find new markets and to build networks locally and globally. Working methods include i.a. workshops. Training programs will be implemented over a three-year period starting in autumn 2019.

The main international partner of the project is Fabrica 360, a Bulgarian innovation and design company. Two other partners are the Mondragon University in Spain and the Artesis Plantijn University College in Belgium.

The aim of the collaboration is to recognize good education innovations and procedures, and to disseminate them to different countries. The international cooperation creates conditions for new innovations and reinforces i.a. service design expertise.

The fPlaza project is a continuation for the women entrepreneurship and leadership degree programs in Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

The fPlaza project has received a three year funding of 800 000 euros from the European Social Fund.

More information:
D.Sc. Anne Keränen, project coordinator, Oulu Business School, anne.keranen(a)

Last updated: 5.12.2018