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Golden Opportunities: International Master´s Programmes at Oulu Business School

Oulu Business School offers various full-time Master´s programmes of a high international standard. Each programme consists of two years of study, equalling the workload of 120 ECTS* credits. These programmes are mainly aimed at international students and the language of instruction throughout the studies is English. The prerequisite to all programmes is a Bachelor´s level degree.

The degree awarded is Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration (M.Sc. in Econ.&Bus.Adm.). The degree programmes are: (FMA, MF, IBM, MM, ME)

Master's programme in Economics (ME)
Master´s programme in Finance (MF)
Master´s programme in Financial and Management Accounting (FMA)
Master´s programme in International Business Management (IBM)
Master's programme in Marketing (MM)

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Diploma Supplement

* One ECTS credit equals, on average, 27 hours of student work, according to the European system. This includes lectures, exams, exercises and independent work by the student.

Information on the academic system can be found here.

Last updated: 21.11.2016