Inverse problems

Research Scope

The inverse problems group at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory specialises in advanced mathematical theory of radar and tomography measurements. The researchers within the group have developed for example coding and analysis methods for incoherent scatter radar experiments, e.g. alternating and perfect codes as well as lag profile inversion.

The group also specialises in fundamental theory of Bayesian statistical inverse problems. The main theme is the continuous-parameter inverse problems and their numerical approximations. Studies of the convergence of the discrete approximations to continuous counterparts is the most active study domain. These studies are called discretisation-invariant inverse problems.

  • Radar experiment design and analysis (Markku Lehtinen, Juha Vierinen, Derek McKay-Bukowski)
  • Radar coding and decoding (Markku Lehtinen, Lassi Roininen, Juha Vierinen, Mikko Orispää)
  • Correlation priors (Lassi Roininen, Sari Lasanen)
  • Convergence of posterior distributions (Sari Lasanen)

National and International Collaboration

The SGO inverse problems group is part of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Inverse Problems Research funded by Academy of Finland. The other CoE partners are from University of Helsinki, Tampere University of Technology, University of Jyväskylä, University of Eastern Finland, Lappeenranta University of Technology and University of Oulu. SGO group carries active collaboration with all CoE partners in various fields.

SGO group is well-connected with the international incoherent scatter radar community, active collaboration is carried with research partners from EISCAT Scientific Assocation, Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory (UK), MIT (USA), Stanford Research International (USA), Jicamarca Radio Observatory (Peru), Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia).

Last updated: 3.5.2021