Denzil Ferreira

Towards wellbeing from sensor data

Associate Professor, Academy of Finland Research Fellow

Denzil Ferreira

Dr. (Tech) in Computer Science

Associate Professor, Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Mobile Computing


Denzil Ferreira is the Deputy Director of the Center for Ubiquitous Computing and the Principal Investigator of Community Instrumentation and Awareness (UBICOMP-CIA research group. He is an Research Fellow of the Academy of Finland (2018-2023), and a prior AoF Postdoc Fellow (2014-2017). His main research interests are technology-driven human behavioral sensing and modeling, juxtaposing methods from large-scale data analysis, sensory instrumentation, applied machine learning, mobile and ubiquitous computing to understand and study a variety of human behavioral and social phenomena in naturalistic settings. He created AWARE (, an interdisciplinary and collaborative mobile context and sensors' data collection tool. AWARE is today used in research efforts worldwide, open source and widely adopted in different domains. He is a Review Editor for Frontiers in Human-Media Interaction, IEEE Communications Society Magazine; a Proposal Reviewer at the Flanders Research Foundation, the Icelandic Research Fund, and the FCT Portugal Foundation; an Associate Editor at PACM IMWUT and in Multiple PCs from ACM and IEEE Venues.


  • Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Mobile HCI
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Context-aware

Social media

Yhteiskunnalliset ja professionaaliset toimet

  • Associate Editor, PACM IMWUT
  • Advisory Board Member, UCLA's Depression Grand Challenge
  • Associate Editor, Frontiers in Human-Media Interaction
  • Proposal Reviewer, Flanders Research Foundation
  • Proposal Reviewer, Icelandic Research Fund
  • Review Editor, IEEE Communications Society Magazine
  • UBISS'18 Instructor: Wearable and Mobile Health and Behavior Tracking (
  • UBISS'19 Instructor: Ubiquitous Computing: Enabling Technologically Advanced Living (


  • Lead PI, Community Instrumentation and Awareness (UBICOMP-CIA)


Entropy-AWARE Instrumentation for Just-In-Time Anomalous Human Behaviour Interventions

SENSATE, aims at modeling anomalous human behavior via ubiquitous instrumentation sensing.