Industrial Measurements

Industrial measurements group develops optical measurement systems and devices for industrial inspection and environmental monitoring applications. Current research includes development of

  • image-based on-line instruments for particle size measurements; shape measurements of large industrial objects; and structural analysis of raw materials based on their optical scattering properties (elasticity, defects, moisture content etc.)
  • on-line analytical instruments based on spark induced plasma spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy for chemical analysis of industrial and environmental liquids
  • computational imaging systems based on in-line holography for in-situ hydrometeor characterization and classification
  • models, methods and devices for real-time optical parameter determination of turbid industrial materials providing information on the solid material contents of the industrial process liquids
  • decision support tools utilizing complex and distributed measurement information systems like medical PACS/RIS/HIS.

Research exploits both latest scientific results and robust standard technologies. The business value of achieved results is continuously evaluated through the ongoing commercialization studies typically taking place parallel to the actual research work. Our industrial partners include top European companies in the field of steel production, wood processing, paper making, mining, petrochemistry and energy production as well as the leading measurement technology developers. Our future visions include implementation of novel optical measurement systems according to the envisioned principles of the fourth industrial revolution according to which systems should be implemented as a network of interacting elements instead of current standalone devices.




Viimeksi päivitetty: 9.9.2016