Biosecurity of the Arctic

Biosecurity of the Arctic is a project of the Arctic Council (under SDWG, 2021-23) led by Russian Federation with co-lead of Finland.

The project is in pause.

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Arctic Council



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It focuses on to support public health systems and public services in implementing a quick response to current future biological threats related to the uncontrolled spread of highly virulent pathogens, parasites, biotoxins, and other biohazards across the Arctic, especially in the cases of migratory birds and permafrost thaw.

It brings together experts from AMAP, CAFF, SDWG, and PPs. It will produce a white paper: “Biosecurity of the Arctic: Emerging, re-emerging infectious diseases and other biohazards”, and recommendations on a community-based screening, monitoring and information system for infectious diseases control, prevention, and risk communication.

Professors Arja Rautio and Antti Oksanen (from Finnish Food Authority) are involved as Finnish experts.