Nordic Arctic Co-creation Platform

NACCOP (Nordic Arctic Co-creation Platform) project’s aim to strengthen the innovation work of SMEs in healthcare and wellbeing by offering an Arctic innovation platform for the Nordic countries.



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  • Professor of practice
    Maritta Perälä-Heape
  • Projektikoordinaattori
    Elina Salla


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The main objective of NACCOP project is to strengthen the innovation capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the healthcare sector through the co-developed Quadruple helix model. To enable this, an Arctic platform to the Nordic countries will be built. The platform for international network cooperation and innovation environments will operate across borders. The platform brings together stakeholders and enables the Quadruple helix innovation processes. Small and medium-sized enterprises are thus able to develop innovative products and services in a multi-professional collaboration based on the needs of end-users and with support of expertise of the higher education.

The University of Oulu has studied the gaps in skills regarding health data management and utilization of health and wellness data in secondary use. New innovative solutions for the preventive and predictive care and disease management require efficient utilization of breakthrough technologies, like big data analytics and machine learning. However, the data skills, mainly in data usage which goes beyond the primary purpose in direct care are still poor. There is a need to enhance the digital and data skills in the region to support data driven healthcare and new data-based business creation.

New knowledge, skills, partnerships and collaboration models to work with health and wellbeing data needs to be built. The focus is on building best practices and guidance between academia, industry and healthcare professionals when data is being used for research and development purposes or to create products and services.

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Survey on data maturity of SMEs

Cross border collaboration and organizing platform activities

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The emergence of data-driven innovation in the Nordic region depends on the capabilities (digital maturity) of the SMEs. University of Oulu will focus on assessing the state of data maturity of the SMEs operating in the Nordic region and utilizing the welfare and health data. University of Oulu will also act to create opportunities for innovation and upskilling cross the borders.

  1. Design and implementation of NACCOP – Nordic arctic co-creation platform. Platform acts as a channel to the Nordic ecosystems services and environments and enables interaction and discussion in within the ecosystem. Platform offers also knowledge and opportunities regarding innovation activities.
    Link to the NACCOP platform: NACCOP – for future business and professionalism within health – and social care (
  2. Report of regional readiness to innovate with health data with recommendations for the regional data collaboratives within NACCOP platform

  3. Organization of NACCOP platform activities