NDI Think Tank Action

The Northern Dimension Institute (NDI) coordinates the EC DG NEAR co-financed - Development of think tank functions of the Northern Dimension Institute – the NDI Think Tank Action (funding 2019-2022). The partners of the NDI Think Tank Action are IIASA, University of Oulu, St Petersburg State University of Economy, Northern Arctic Federal University and Aalto University (coordinator).

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Northern Dimension (ND) is a joint policy of four equal partners: the European Union (EU), Russian Federation, Norway and Iceland. It was initiated in 1999 and the agreement was renewed in 2006. The EU member states also take part in the cooperation in their national capacities. The USA and Canada hold observer status in the ND. Northern Dimension Institute (NDI), led by the Aalto University, is an academic partner in the Northern Dimension (ND) structures. The NDI prepares Northern Dimension-related studies and reports, and coordinates the collection of funding for research projects.

The NDI Think Tank Action is designed to enhance genuine regional cooperation in the Northern Dimension area through science diplomacy, capacity building and people-to-people contacts. Action partnership includes universities and research organizations with references in high-quality expertise and research projects related to environment, climate change impact in the Arctic, emerging transport and logistics routes between Europe and Asia, energy efficiency, health and wellbeing and culture in the ND area. Research teams in close dialogue and co-creation with decision-makers will produce policy briefs, analysis and reports on the pressing challenges and their potential solutions. NDI will provide a neutral platform for research collaboration, co-creation workshops and the annual ND Future Forums which enables open discussions, people-to-people contacts and dissemination of the research-based solutions with ND decision-makers for the future challenges in the ND area.

Postdoc researcher Anastasia Emelyanova and VP Research UArctic Arja Rautio are participating in the project.