One Arctic One Health

The One Arctic, One Health is the joint Arctic Council project of U.S., Canada and Finland. Its focus is in the joint health of the environment, wild-life, plants and humans under the climate and global change.

The project is in pause.

Projektin tiedot

Projektin kesto


Projektin koordinaattori

Arctic Council



Projektin kuvaus

The summer meeting of SDWG 2020 accepted the next working plan of the project, and new countries (Norway, Kingdom of Denmark) came in the leadership team. Many other member states and Indigenous Peoples of SDWG are supporting the project. It will collaborate with AMAP (HHAG), ACAP (LEO Network), and CAFF (wildlife experts), and share knowledge, table-top exercises, and joint research, in such events as disease outbreaks and natural disasters. The main goal is to establish “One Health hubs”, which are points of contact to facilitate One Health work in the Arctic.

Finnish contact persons of the project are Professor Arja Rautio and Professor Antti Oksanen (Finnish Food Authority).

For more information, please visit the One Arctic, One Health Factsheet and Arctic Council news: One Arctic, One Health