Call for Summer Trainees & Scholarships, Summer 2024

The Degree Programme in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is built on world-class research in machine vision, biomedical engineering, intelligent information analysis, cybersecurity, ubiquitous internet, and applied computing. The research is carried out in three groups: Biomimetics and Intelligent Systems Group (BISG), Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS), which is composed of two research groups: Machine Vision Group and Physiological Signal Analysis Group, and the Center for Ubiquitous Computing (UBICOMP), composed by four research groups (Interactive Edge, Crowd Computing, Perception Engineering, and Design Research).

CSE offers both summer training positions and scholarships for summer trainees to conduct the 521027S Advanced Practical Training (Syventävä Harjoittelu) for two months in the CSE research groups.

The training can be allocated for June-August period based on agreement with a training topic supervisor. The scholarship for trainees is 1500 €.

The scholarships are intended for M.Sc.(eng.) students of the University of Oulu enrolled in:

a) Computer Science and Engineering National and International Master’s Programme or
b) Biomedical Engineering: Signal and Image Processing International Master’s Programme or
c) DICE-CSE students, if course 521100A Practical training for DICE students is compulsory in the PSP.

To be eligible to apply, all applicants must satisfy the following conditions:
1. The applicant must have finished her/his Bachelor’s degree at the time of applying (this condition does not apply to DICE-CSE students).
2. The applicant has not received any support for practical training from university of Oulu or ITEE before and does not have a concurrent employment relationship during the training period.

Before applying for the scholarship applicants are expected to acquire a topic/task and supervisor for the practical training from one of the research groups of CSE. After that, along with the e-mail application applicants are expected to send the following documents: i) application letter; ii) CV and iii) the latest transcript of records. In the informal application letter, the applicant has to provide the name of the supervisor and briefly the topic/task of the practical training (a confirmation letter/email from the supervisor is also accepted). If the student gets a position with monthly salary for completing the practical training after receiving the scholarship, the training scholarship is cancelled and it should be returned.

Applications with attached documents have to be submitted electronically by 24th May, 2024 at 16:00 to Anabela Berenguer's e-mail address: When sending documents in pdf-form as e-mail attachments, please name them as follows: Application_familyname_firstname, CV_familyname_firstname, Transcript_familyname_firstname. The subject line must be: Application for summer internship scholarship 2024 [first name_lastname].

The decisions will be made soon after the submission deadline, in May, and the work can be started after the decisions. The grant will be paid once the practical work has started. At the end of training period, the student has to submit an acceptable training report to his/her training supervisor in order to get 5 ECTS credits for 521027S Advanced Practical Training. Disclaimer: Exception to the decision timeline may apply, at the research units’ own discretion. In addition, each research unit reserves the right to define the final number of scholarships awarded according to the yearly available budget, and other foreseen and/or unforeseen circumstances, as applicable.

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