Fibrobesity-tutkimusvierailuohjelma on avattu

Oulun yliopiston Fibrobesity-tutkimusteema käynnistää nyt vierailijaohjelmansa jakaakseen rahoitusta tutkijaliikkuvuudelle Oulusta ja Oulusta vuosina 2022-2024. Olemme varautuneet rahoittamaan matka- ja majoituskuluja noin 20 tutkimusvierailuun, jotka edistävät tieteellisten teemojemme tutkimusta ja yhteistyötä. Tämä on avoin jatkuva haku ilman määräaikaa. Alla lisätietoa englanniksi.

About Fibrobesity

FIBROBESITY – Preventing Fibrosis Related to Obesity - is one of the three multidisciplinary research programmes supported by the Academy of Finland PROFI6 funding during 2021-2026. FIBROBESITY links strongly with the strategy of the University of Oulu under a wider umbrella of FibroHealth – Combatting Fibrosis in Chronic Diseases. While FibroHealth at large addresses fibrosis, which is a risk factor in the etiology of complex chronic diseases and unhealthy ageing, FIBROBESITY focuses on medical and societal challenges of obesity-related fibrotic pathologies. The research community extends to several faculties and research areas from medicine, biochemistry and molecular medicine to human, education and ICT sciences. FibroHealth - Combatting Fibrosis in Chronic Diseases | University of Oulu

The world-class research at the University of Oulu on hypoxia and extracellular matrix (ECM) together with cutting-edge research on obesity, cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome and other fibrosis-related diseases, combined with our unique population and patient cohort studies and state-of-the art research infrastructure, form the basis of FIBROBESITY.

The pressing issues addressed by FIBROBESITY relate to its three sub-themes as follows. Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Significance of Fibrosis (FIBRO1) strives to identify currently poorly known molecular pathways causative for obesity and fibrosis. Disease Modelling for Future Therapies (FIBRO2) facilitates translational studies through development of novel in vitro and in vivo disease models. Societal and Behavioral Perspectives (FIBRO3) combines approaches at a broader range of disciplines to reveal lifelong behavioral determinants of obesity.

Fibrobesity Visitor Programme

Incoming research visits: We invite postdoctoral scholars or professors from other research institutions in Finland or abroad to spend a research period at the University of Oulu and take part in the activities of Fibrobesity programme and the visitor’s host unit(s). This funding can be applied either a) directly by the external researcher with pre-established connection to Oulu-based hosting researcher, or b) by an Oulu-based FibroHealth Principal Investigator (PI) to invite a named external researcher to visit Oulu in order to collaborate on research. In both a) and b), the Oulu-based hosting PI should commit to the University of Oulu visiting researcher guidelines (internal link) and be registered in FibroHealth research community by the time of submitting the proposal. New members can join by filling in this FibroHealth registration form.

Outgoing research visits: This funding is available to registered FibroHealth senior researchers from postdocs to professors at the University of Oulu who wish to visit another research institution in Finland or abroad.

The length of the visit – for both incoming and outgoing visits – can be between two weeks and six months. The funding can cover travel expenses and accommodation costs up to 5 000 eur for short-term and up to 10 000 eur for longer visits. Salaries or daily allowances are not covered, nor trips to conferences. Detailed budget must be included in the application. The funded sum can be refunded on submission of receipts. A support letter by the host unit or institution is required.

How to apply

Please submit your application online by filling in this Webropol form and attaching the required documents.

In the application form, you are requested to fill in the following information:

  1. Contact details of the visiting researcher
  2. Are you applying for an incoming or outgoing visit?
  3. Details of the host unit or institute and hosting investigator
  4. Amount of applied funding
  5. Annexes (see the list below)

Applications (in English) should also include the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter (2 pages max) outlining your motivation for coming to Oulu or going to your target institution from Oulu. What is the added value and expected scientific or other outcomes of the visit to your research and to Fibrobesity programme? How is the planned visit expected to benefit the research and collaboration in the home and host institution? What is your work plan and schedule for the visit?
  2. Brief project description of the planned visit (2 pages max) including overall objectives, research methods, innovation, and contribution to your field and Fibrobesity research at the University of Oulu. Please also include here a detailed budget of the planned visit, clearly indicating the costs that are planned to be covered by this funding and potential other costs funded by other source(s).
  3. Hosting letter: For incoming visits, we require a commitment of the hosting unit from the hosting PI at the University of Oulu. For outgoing visits, please attach an invitation letter from the target host institute.
  4. Short Curriculum Vitae of the visiting researcher: (2 pages max) including a list of the most relevant publications (we recommend you follow the TENK guidelines, if appropriate:

Deadline of the call

No deadline. The call will be open on a continuous basis for research visits planned for 2022-2024 or until the reserved Fibrobesity funding has been used.


We will do our best to respond to applications with a decision within one month from submission.

Further information and inquiries

FIBROBESITY Coordinator Ritva Saastamoinen, ritva.saastamoinen(at), 050 592 3333, 0294 48 5226

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