How to apply for CERN ! Traineeships and jobs positions !

Instructions for a successful application!
The events flyer

Both CERN and the Career Centre were really happy that so many of you attended last week’s event.

The Talent Acquisition manager at CERN  is now eagerly awaiting your applications.

Here are links for you:

When you are applying for a position at CERN using the SmartRecruiters link, you will be asked a question about where you learnt about the opportunities at CERN. You should select ‘Other’ and give the reason: CERN Oulu outreach. This is important information for both CERN and us at the University of Oulu too. 

You should select ‘Other’ and give the reason: CERN Oulu outreach. This is important information for both CERN, and us at the University of Oulu too.


The slides of the event: Both from the CERN - CSS  and from the CERN - Human Resource  you can find them in the University's Career Centre webpages

During the event, there were some questions asked in the chat that were unanswered because of time, but here now are the answers:

  • If you study in a different background than those introduced in the presentation, no worries! There might still be a position for you at CERN. They have a lot of different departments with different groups, teams and sections working on various domains. CERN wants you to feel free to apply to a position that you think will fit your profile. You can also apply for more than one position.
  • For the reference letter, please make sure the reference letter is either in English or French. There is no format of what your professor should write or not, but it should give an insight on how they experienced working with you and how you behave as an individual and in a team. If you didn’t work with any professors on a project you can also ask one of your lecturers or assistant professor.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at the Career Centre or by email . You can also look at  FAQ | Careers at CERN, or email

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