The UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Health related project on healthy ageing NORRUS-AGE has published the new Policy Brief and digital brochure

The project “Indigenous and non-indigenous residents of the Nordic-Russian region: Best practices for equity in healthy ageing” (NORRUS-AGE) coordinated by the University of Oulu is in its middle term. The team has collected a series of local-level healthy ageing practices that were earlier unknown among the English speaking global professional community and cross-border governmental authorities. The project just released the Policy Brief entitled “Local community practices support healthy ageing in the North”, as well as the digital leaflet with lively infographics and visual introduction of the team.

Policy Brief has published several interesting cases on the partner website platform of the Northern Dimension Institute in its publication series of policy briefs. It suggests recommendations to the national, regional, and municipal level authorities of the Nordic countries and Russia to consider when adapting to the ongoing population ageing.

Digital leaflet highlights the personalities of the team and their opinions on why healthy ageing is so important. It shares the information on the synergy ageing related projects and networks where the team members are involved, as well as calls for cooperation with those interested outside the current consortium. To download the digital leaflet please go to the original news on the UArctic website.

More information: Anastasia Emelyanova anastasia.emelyanova(at)

Viimeksi päivitetty: 5.10.2021