14.4.2021 Event

Lectures of new Professors

14th of April, at 17.00-18.00 there will be an event, where new Professors give lectures for the honor of their new positions.

5.2.2021 Event

Public defence 5.2.2021

Candidate:  Master of Science  Ramesh Babu ShashankPlace:  L6, Linnanmaa, University of Oulu

1.2.2021 Event

Public defence 1.2.2021

Candidate:  Master of Science  Juhani LaitilaPlace:  L10, Linnanmaa, University of Oulu

2.10.2020 Event

Public defence 2.10.2020

Doctoral Candidate: Master of Science (Tech.) Timo JuutiDate & time: 2.10.2020 13:00

28.8.2020 Event

Public defence 28.8.2020

Candidate: Master of Science (Tech) Mohammed AliDate & time: 28.8.2020 klo 12:00

28.7.2020 Event

Public defence 28.7.2020

Candidate: Master of Science (Tech) Satish Kumar KolliDate & time: 28.7.2020 12:00Place: Linnanmaa, sali L10

23.1.2020 Event

Public defence 23.1.2020

Candidate: Ari SaastamoinenPlace: IT115 (University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus)Date & time: 23.1.2020 12:00

1.11.2019 Event

Public defence 1.11.2019

Candidate: Vahid JavaheriPlace: L10 (University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus)Date & time: 1.11.2019 12:00