Researchers traveling: Somani & Kaikkonen in Stockholm

Docent Mahesh Somani and doctoral researcher Pentti Kaikkonen participated in the European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes (EUROMAT 2019) in Stockholm, Sweden held during September 1-5, 2019. Nanostructured bainite and Q&P/DQ&P steels were considered popular topics, as these were discussed in multiple sessions during the conference. Dr. Somani presented his lecture on the topic “On the TMR-DQP Route for Developing Tough, Ultrahigh-Strength Steels” and Mr. Kaikkonen presented his poster on the topic “On the kinetics of bainite formation at low temperatures in ausformed medium-carbon steels”. Both the topics were considered quite novel and drew good response from the research community.

Last updated: 1.11.2019