Sarlin champer furnace

  • Max temperature 1250 C, 12 KW
  • Dimensions/mm w=400, h=300. l=500
  • Shielding gas (Ar)

Silmecon champer furnace

  • Max Temperature 1300 C, 7 KW
  • Dimensions/mm w=300, h=250, l=350
  • Shielding gas (Ar)



Haraeus muffle furnace (Coiling simulation furnace)

  • Max temperature 1000 C, 28 KW
  • Dimension/mm w=330, h=200, l=1500
  • Shielding gas (external burner included)


All furnaces are moveable and can be located next to rolling stand.

Photos presented in this website are taken by: Juha Sarkkinen & MME's researchers.

Last updated: 25.10.2019