Development of new Competitive and Sustainable Bio-Based Plastics

Microelectronics Research Unit is part of NEWPACK project consortium which developes bio-based plastics.

The NEWPACK project provides different solutions for the food packaging industry based on sustainable and circular technology. These solutions will include packaging film material based on biodegradable materials (PHB-PLA) with improved mechanical properties (owing to the addition of nanocellulose or nanochitin and the application of active coating).

Among the limits that can be ascribed to all existing solutions in sustainable food packages, one is the lack of a wide gas permeability range similar to the one existing for conventional plastic packaging. In fact, nowadays, there is no available reliable solution for high barrier film, especially in high humidity conditions, and this penalizes all the food packaging applications in which modified atmosphere is necessary (and widely diffused) as food preservation system. From this point of view, it is particularly interesting to explore novel materials and their various blends (such as PLA-PHB) to achieve different gas transmission behaviours.

You can also find more information about the project from project website.


Last updated: 6.5.2020