25.9.2017 Uutinen

New project started on vanadium recovery from waste streams

VanProd - Innovation for Enhanced Production of Vanadium from Waste Streams in the Nordic Region, 2017–2020

30.4.2015 Uutinen

Presentation of SusBioref at Academy of Finland

The SusBioRef (Sustainable production concepts on integrated biorefining industry) project, a joint project with the University of Eastern Finland, was presented at the kick-off meeting of New Ener

12.12.2014 Uutinen

New project: Sustainable production concepts on integrated biorefining industry

Sustainable production concepts on integrated biorefining industry Project description

30.9.2014 Uutinen

New Project: Potato industry side streams - Separation of valuable proteins

The valorization of potato side streams is mostly limited by lacking technologies and investments, and they are thus mostly considered a burden to the industry.

26.3.2014 Uutinen

Dr Heikki Ojamo nominated as a docent

Dr. (Tech) Heikki Ojamo has been nominated as a docent of bioprocess engineering, especially in the area of the unit operations in biomass fractionation and refining.

15.1.2014 Uutinen

Bioprosessitekniikka samoihin tiloihin

Bioprosessitekniikan tutkimus- ja opetushenkilöstö siirtyi vuoden 2014 alusta alkaen samalle käytävälle.