Calculating grade average

To calculate your grade average, you can use the attached Excel file by filling in your grades in the G column (entitled Grades).

Grading scale

sufficient (1) = 1,00–1,49
satisfactory (2) = 1,50–2,49
good (3) = 2,50–3,49
very good (4) = 3,50–4,49
excellent (5) = 4,50–5,00.

Please note! To be able to continue to advanced studies, the grade average of your intermediate studies needs to be 2,5 or higher.


PASS/FAIL courses

The pass/fail courses are here considered zero courses. That is, if there are pass/fail courses included in your advanced studies package, make sure to deduct from the total number of advanced studies study points the number of study points that accrue from pass/fail courses. E.g. if you have one 5 sp pass/fail course, deduct 5 study points from the total depicted in cell H18  (e.g. 45-5=40 study points)

Last updated: 27.9.2018