Master's Theses

NB! All the Master's Theses are available through the University Library of Oulu. 

Master's Theses since 1st January, 2013, are available in Jultika (University of Oulu Library repository)


Barnes, Mia-Lotta: Hybridity in Simone Lazaroo’s The World Waiting To Be Made.

Huru, Katja: “I will be a goddess to those I slay”: ‘Gender’ and ‘Power’ in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat and The Queen of the Damned.

Hämäläinen Franke da Silva, Martta: Interpretations of Polysyllabic Latinate English Lexical Items by Native Speakers of English, Finnish and Portuguese. A Comparative Research.

Kinnunen, Janna: “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a total bitch just like you.” Multimodal representation of motherhood myths in Polish and Wotz’s Bitch-series.

Leinonen, Riitta: Parental Views on Children’s Bilingualism. Strategies of language choice and activities supporting the linguistic development of children.

Mattila, Teemu: Attitudes of the popular scientific magazine New Scientist towards the Kyoto protocol - A discourse analytic approach.

Merenheimo, Hanna: An Open Heart – A study on wordplay and its translation in the Finnish subtitles in the American television series Sex and the City.

Meriläinen, Teemu: “We thought it was Ragnorock”: Comparison of Amateur and Professional Subtitles of Stargate SG-1.

Polojärvi, Elina: Visual Representations of Life without Dignity – A semiotic analysis of the visual rhetoric in Amnesty International’s ‘Stop Violence Against Women’ campaign advertisements.

Pruikkonen, Heidi: “Movement Carries with it the Burden of Meaning –“ How Mobility and Movement Are Represented and How the Representations Have Changed in Footwear Advertisements in the Backpacker Magazine 2008–2010.

Pulska, Anni: Temperament in English Teaching.

Riikola, Susanna: Giving Support on the Internet – A Case Study of MS Crossroads.

Saarela, Jaakko: Performer–audience interaction in stand-up comedy: Breaches and Reintegration as active orientation to the institutional context.

Uusitalo, Mirjam: How Can Steiner Pedagogy Be Applied in Values Education When Teaching English in a Mainstream School?


Aho, Reetta: Images of Englishness and the Other in popular culture: the case of Blackadder the Third.

Aro, Marja: Cultural Representations of Australia in English Language Textbooks in Finnish Upper Secondary Schools.

Ahola, Jukka: The Mechanisms of Enacting Movie Scripts in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

Hautamäki, Emilia: “A candy bar ain’t gonna hurt ya none”: ‘Food’ and ‘Power’ in the Films Fried Green Tomatoes and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Iisakka, Jarkko: Sounds of trees falling – The translations of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Under Milk Wood.

Immonen, Miia: A Visual and Verbal Analysis of the Product Placements in the Movie “The Transformers” (2007).

Kiiskinen, Elli: Finnish with English seasonings: A study of the form and functions of English used in IRC-Galleria discussions by young Finns.

Kuokkanen, Niina: Defining ‘Culture’ in Intercultural Communication Studies: The Problem of Culture as Nation.

Kursu, Marja-Elina: English Vocabulary Acquisition of Finnish First and Second Form Pupils.

Kälkäjä, Salme: Science Fiction? The Discourse of Persuasion in Academic Writing.

Launonen, Elisa: Ambiguities and Other Problems for Machine Translation Systems – with a focus on translating from Finnish to English.

Leskelä, Sanna: “Attention, all personnel...”: Studying the humour in M*A*S*H.

Matikkala, Liisa: ‘North To The Future’: The Representation and Imagery of Alaska in Popular Culture.

Mäkelä, Matti: Throwing ‘frags’ in a classroom: a study on how Finnish adolescents learn English through video games.

Mikkola, Riikka: Cyber City as a Nexus of Practice for Language Learning and Teaching.

Mitrunen, Heikki: Islamic and Christian Themes in Frank Herbert’s Dune.

Pousi, Juha: SUFFERING HEROES AND SUPERNATURAL KINGS. A Study of the Archetypes and Myths in the Novel Last Call by Tim Powers.

Pulkkinen, Tiina: Browser, Business and Experience: Studying English Loanwords in Italian.

Rahkonen, Nina: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGE EDUCATION: Communicativeness in Language Teaching Theories and Traditions.

Ristimäki, Linda: Representations of Maori Culture.

Ståhle, Anni: Web Site Marketing Effectiveness in Cross-cultural Contexts.

Vuontisjärvi, Miia: The translation of culture-bound items in the Finnish subtitles of The Simpsons.


Hakunti, Venla: The Nature of Viral Marketing Videos Shared on an Online Social Networking Site, Facebook.

Huotari, Merja: The Potentials of Social Software Applications in Learning English: A Participatory Case Study with Two Young Learners of English.

Hyvönen, Henna: "They gave us an offer we can't refuse". Targeting Adults in Modern Children's Animation: Intertextuality and Humour in Movies by Dreamworks and Pixar.

Jokelainen, Mikko: Marketing Ruka and Kuusamo on the Internet — A Study of the Website.

Jokelainen, Sanna: The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed Is Death...And the Nature of a Truly Christian Love. A Critical Analysis of Christian Discourse on Love and Death in Sermons by John Donne and Jonathan Edwards.

Juka, Laura: The Finnish Clitic -hAn in Translation of English FIction: Translation Equivalent or Translator's Interpretation?

Juuso, Anna-Maija: Cohesion in Written Cross-cultural Communication: A Case Study of Press Releases Written by Finnish and American Language Professionals in English.

Karjalainen, Tarja: Monolingual People - Bilingual Speech: A Study on Language Alternation and Code Switching among Finnish Speaking University Students of English.

Koiviola, Eeva: Reader Engagement in Customer Magazines with Metadiscoursal engagement features.

Koski, Mika: Portable Device User Documentation. Printed, Online and Embedded Assistance.

Lehtiniemi, Sari: A Thematic Reading of Ui-sula K. Le Guin’s Novel The Dispossessed: Ali Ambiguous Utopia. 

Luukinen, Janika: What is "Kuusamo Lapland"? A Study on the Image of the Region from the Perspective of International Travel Agents.

Marin, Anna: Vocational Language Education Material in the Light of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Mäki, Tuomo: Modality in Contrastive Linguistics. A Study on the Translation of the French Subjunctive Mood into English.

Mäläskä, Esa: Gender and Advertising.

Oilinki, Olli: “But why does he swear so much?” The use of swearwords in Bill Hicks’ stand-up comedy.

Piittinen, Sari: English and the principle of total availability in Japan: English Ioanwords in the blogs of Japanese young adults.

Rahkila, Ville: Finnish and American English in Contact in Finnish Freestyle Rap: a Linguistic Analysis.

Rajala, Kimmo: "A Man Is More Than His Penis - Not Much More But Something". The Image of Masculinity in Three Novels by Jeanette Winterson, 'The Passion', 'Gut Symmetries', and 'Weight' .

Riskilä, Johanna: Teaching Spoken English in Finnish Upper Secondary School: A New Course in Oral Skills.

Skyttä, Maria: The Role of Science in Gender Relations on Christian Broadcast Network's 'Living the Life' .

Taimisto, Antti: The Human-Machine Experiment: On the Evaluation of Machine Translation.


Heikkinen, Hanna-Maija: LANGUAGE LEARNING AND ORAL SKILLS PRACTICE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA: Young beginner learners of English as competent social actors in the Life in Cyber City project and the Mystery Animal chat

Järvenpää, Päivi: Stereotypical Images of the United States: Heterostereotypes Held by Finnish Former High School Exchange Students

Kallio, Sari: A Study on Understanding the Phenomenon of Teaching English Grammar

Kiviniemi, Kati: Is It a Shame to Speak with an Accent? On the Attitudes of Northern Finnish Pupils, Students and English Teachers towards Finnish-accented English and Pronunciation

Komulainen, Jani: STONE COLD CERTAIN OF VICTORY. Multimodal political coverage by the Sun at two general elections in 1992 and 1997

Kälkäinen, Marika: The Use of English in Japanese Popular Music Lyrics

Lehtinen, Mikko: Communicating Brand Image Attributes in Advertainment Film Content: A Multimodal Perspective to Meaning Making in The Hire by BMW Films

Lepistö, Reetta: A Foucauldian Approach to Three Asylum Novels: 'Madness' in Faces in the Water, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Bell Jar

Rojola, Markus: Growing Up in Sunnydale: The Use of Metaphor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Tarvainen, Anu: SILENCE OF THE FILMS. A study on sound description for the hearing-impaired on DVDs in the thriller genre



Alamaunu, Satu: Author-reader Relationship and Recipient Design in a Political Weblog

Collan, Johanna Katariina: Sarah Miles at the end of an affair - A Jungian approach to The End of the Affair

Eskonniemi, Mika: Custom, Belief and The Wicker Man

Heikkinen, Sanna: Designing User Friendly Manuals - How to Help the Users to Achieve Their Goals

Hiltunen, Outi Susanna: Orienting to Identity in Lingua Franca Service Encounters

Honkala, Emma Juliaana: Mainstream News Media Versus the Blogosphere - The Portrayal of Blogging on the BBC News Website

Jokela, Inka-Sisko Auroora: Starfish Tours - a journey to the translations of culture-specific items in an animated film

Kaijomaa, Heidi: Semantic Frames of War: Image Management in American Electoral Speeches

Komulainen, Jani: Stone Cold Certain of Victory: Multimodal political coverage by the Sun at two general elections in 1992 and 1997

Kujala, Mari: Students' Image of England: Stereotypes Perpertuated by the School and the Media

Kylmäniemi, Hanna: Teaching Spoken English: the relationship between theories, the curriculum and the reality. 

Leppiaho, Mira: Is American English Used More Flamboyantly than Finnish in High Technology Marketing? A case study of the Apple MacBook and Nokia N810 product sites 

Levänen, Henna: The Use of Articles in the Spoken Speech of First and Second Generation Finnish-Australians

Martinviita, Annamari: "There are people there who care back" A case study of an online diary community 

Meriläinen, Katja: Humanitarian Intervention and Health CSOs: Discourse Perspective

Mäkitalo, Marja: Argumentation techniques in the U.S. presidential election debates: themes of terrorism and war

Ojanperä, Sonja: On the Usefulness of Latinate Loanwords in English in the Interpretation of the Meanings of Finnish Loanwords

Penttilä, Aili: Distorting Truths and Inventing Stories. Merging the Postmodern and the Postcolonial in Coetzee's Foe

Piippo, Pasi: A study of the English Translations of the Latin Ablative Absolute Constructions in Caesar's De Bello Gallico with Special Reference to Equivalence Theory

Raappana, Pekka: Kill Bill -tarinan päähenkilo Beatrix Kiddo - Äiti, morsian ja tappaja

Rantakokko, Sari: "You're a woman in a man's world", Gender and the communication of power in Patricia Cornwell's Scarpetta novels

Rantamaula, Heli: Gender in David Edding's The Belgariad, The Malloreon, Belgarath the Sorcerer and Polgara the Sorceress

Rintala, Katriina: Promoting self-directed language learning in occupational settings: A case study 

Rojola, Markus: Growing Up in Sunnydale: The Use of Metaphor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Saikkonen, Mia: The Crow - The Graphic Novel and the Film

Salmela, Satu: Assessment and Teaching of Oral English Skills in Finnish Comprehensive and Upper Secondary Schools

Salo, Jenni: Non-Standard Adverbial Placement in the Spoken English of First-Generation Finnish Americans

Saranpää, Toni: "The World's Darkening Never Reaches to the Light of Being": A Heideggerian Reading of Virginia Woolf's Novel To The Lighthouse

Savinen, Niina: Impartial and Pertinent: Forensic linguists as Expert Witnesses in Court

Seppänen, Teija: Stories of our virtual lives: a study on narrative in video games

Sutinen, Hanna: Cognitive problem solving processes. Analysis on board game usability cases

Sutinen, Marika: But and Anyway Resumptions as a Strategy for Managing Digressions in Conversational Storytelling and Other Extended Turns

Taivassalo, Marja: Gender, Genre and Audience - The Sopranos and the Melodramatic Imagination

Vuolteenaho, Ulla: "More Like Your Usual Self": The Representation of Menstruation and Menstruating Women in Magazine Advertisements for Menstrual Hygiene Products

Walton, Sirpa: Acquiring English Literacy through the Information Age: The Role of New Learning Technologies in the Non-Institutional Activities of a Finnish Girl

Wunsch, Teija: First-year Students Meet the Academic Article: The Role of Genre Awareness in Text Processing



Bluemink, Johanna: Social Interaction of a Small-Group in the Focus: Group Discussion as a Method of Studying Group Dynamics

Hannus, Paula: Linguistic and Interactional Practices in a Bilingual Finnish-American Family: Code-Switching, Cooperation and Identity Work

Hämäläinen, Satu: A Case Study on the Structural Coherence and Style in a Finnish-English Bilingual Child's Narratives

Häkkinen, Eveliina: Going Indian: Images of the American Indians in The Last of the Mohicans

Kaarlela, Taru: Teaching Intercultural Competence: An Unrealistic Objective or the Future of Foreign Language Education?

Kemppainen, Mari: Vocabulary Learning in Upper Secondary School - A Study on the Students' Use of Learning Strategies

Kesti, Liisa: Pronunciation, phonetic alphabet and young learners

Kinnunen, Titta: Functionality of Novelized and Translated Sitcom Humor - Analysis of the Friends Dialogs in the Finnish Translation of Cooking with Friends

Lammi, Heidi: "God, sometimes you just don't come through": The Lyrics of Tori Amos in the Light of Christianity and Feminist Theology

Lassila, Eveliina: A Butler's Quest for Dignity: A Character Study of Stevens in Kazuo Ishiguro's Novel, The Remains of the Day

Lehmikangas, Jani: CLIL, ICT and the WWW: The Possibilities of Information and Communication Technologies in Teaching History in English

Leinonen, Matti: 'He may be a misbegotten southern mongrel, but...' On Discrimination in The Riftwar Saga, The Empire Trilogy, and To Ride Hell's Chasm

Liljeblad, Hanna: Laughter as an interactional phenomenon - a study of laughter in British English conversation 

Mäkelä, Paula: Tehdäänkö tiskit vai otetaanko sauna? Loan Translation Verb Phrases in Spoken American Finnish

Mäkitalo, Elina: Verb Phrase Errors in the Spoken English of Finnish Australians

Niemelä, Sari: English spelling rules: a qualitative content analysis of books and Internet sites

Paloniemi, Liisa Tellervo: Making Mythology: A Jungian and Campbellian Approach to Heroism in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere and American Gods

Puusaari, Joni: Above and Beyond Pronunciation Intelligibility. A Study of Attitudes.

Rinne, Elina: Translator's Taskmaster: Some Observations on the Role of the Reader in Translation Studies

Saarinen, Maria: Web Design and Usability: A Comparative Analysis on Finnish and British paper manufacturers' websites

Salminen, Pertti: Comparing a command of English basic vocabulary at comprehensive and upper secondary school level

Similä, Jari-Pekka: Blood and Guts: Violence as Narrative in the New Wave of Horror

Starck, Eeva: Idiotism or Idealism? The Air Guitar World Championships in British and American Media

Tulkki, Maarit: The Translatability of Unique Items: Can Finnish clitic particles be translated into English?

Vierimaa, Ville: Manifestations of the Shadow and the Unconscious in Three Works by H.P. Lovecraft

Viinikanoja, Ilkka: Collaboration Requires Comprehension - A study of the usability of the original English terms and their Finnish localised counterparts in QPR Collaboration Portal software



Aho, Paula: Are You All Scotch so Happy and Musical? - The Representation of Different English-Speaking Countries, English-Speakers and Varieties of English in Key English

Alatarvas, Riikka: Use of sound and sound-image relationship in Baz Luhrmann's Romeo+Juliet and Moulin Rouge! 

Angeria-Wickström: "Nobody writes like Graham Greene": Simile as thematic support over four decades of Graham Greene's novelistic production 

Eckardt, Katrin: Reconstructing history through fiction: realism and the historical imagination in Anzia Yezierska's Bread Givers and Hungry Hearts 

Heikkinen, Sanna Maria: Mixing it up with the boys: the ideology of gender difference and hegemonic masculinity in the media representation of Hayley Wickenheiser 

Hiltula, Tiina: Presentation of aspects of Anglophone cultures in the textbook series This Way Up

Höylä, Mikko: Autonomy in Beehive: a study of pupils' autonomous behaviour during a web project 

Kangasluoma, Jussi: Properties of media literacy and the integration of information and communication technology in education 

Keskitalo, Johanna: A Threat to Western Civilisation: Bram Stoker's Dracula in the Context of East/West Relation in the Victorian Era

Kettunen, Rauli: Portrait of a gamer': representation of gamers and gaming in John Kovalic's Dork Tower comics 

Korvala, Jenni: The recognition of idioms in spoken English by native speakers and by advanced and intermediate learners 

Kumpumäki, Petri: A study of the names of the main characters and other central concepts and their translations in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 

Kuntonen, Leena: Affective aspects in web-based language teaching. A study of a web-based language course for sixth grade primary school pupils 

Kuusisto, Maria: The Postmodern Performance of Identity and Gender in The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Kylmänen, Mervi: The Patterns of Subjectivity in an Article from The Times 

Lappalainen, Hanna: The Influence of Canadian and French Cultures on Greeting in Quebecois Business Life

Lehtonen, Heli: Errors in the Use of the Primary Verbs and the 3rd Person Singular -s among Finnish 7th and 9th Graders, and among First-generation Finnish Americans

Nätynki, Mari: Advertising features and the use of English language in Demi and Suosikki magazines 

Paitsola, Helena: Boats, beasts and other members of my family'; the power of personification in Gerald Durrell's Corfu Trilogy 

Paloniemi, Teemu: Empathy and Humans: The Relationship between Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: Director's Cut

Pekkala, Kaisa: Post-modern fictions: 3 approaches to Jane Urquhart's The Whirlpool 

Poutiainen, Anne: “But who really kens the score aboot anything these days, likesay?”: a study of subcultural identity in Trainspotting 

Pääkkönen, Eeva-Liisa: The Hero Myth and Elements of De- and Remythologisation in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter

Ruotsalainen, Marita: Language Study as Lifelong Learning

Saarelainen, Liisa: Multicultural Education and its Role in Upper Secondary School English Teaching Material

Savolainen, Anne: On repetitive poetic devices in two translations of the Kalevala 

Soikkonen, Leila: Illusion, disguise and masquerade: sex, gender and performativity in the fiction of C. L. Moore from 1933 to 1957 

Tikka, Seija: Rhetoric strategies in Mrs Alec Tweedie's Through Finland in Carts 

Uhlgren, Jukka: cya l8er m8s: abbreviations used in Netspeak 

Vuori, Anniina: I'd love to be able to say it was perfect: Discourses used by Finnish, British, and American exchange students in describing their experience

Ylimannila, Mikko: Charisma and the Lizard King: a sociological reading of the media representations of Jim Morrison 

Österlund, Emma: A comparative phonetic study between native English and Finnish-English interlanguage prosody



Alarauhio, Juha-Pekka: Movement, manner and plainness - an analytical approach to Arnold's epic style in Balder Dead

Al-Sadoon, Tariq: Identity construction in a consumer culture - an analysis on Brett Easton-Ellis' American Psycho 

Heiskanen, Johanna: The psychoanalytic dimension in Stephen King's Needful Things 

Ikäheimonen, Ville: Remaining men together: 'mythopoetic' masculinity in Fight Club

Kalliopuska, Anu: Television, the Teletubbies and Clara - a case study of a young child in a television viewing situation 

Kärsämä, Anna-Riikka: Exploring the usefulness of genre-specific linguistic features in English word prediction 

Kemppainen, Tatja: There's many a slip 'twixt dress and drawers' - a study of how wordplay in Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters and Reaper Man has been translated into Finnish 

Keränen, Heikki: Features of speech produced by Finnish military fighter pilots 

Koivistoinen, Hilkka: Computer-mediated English language learning in the early stages of basic education: a school project from the pupil perspective 

Koivula, Hannu: "What's the story?" Narrative and narration in the novel The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and the film adaptation by Howard Hawks

Kotavuopio, Aila: An error analysis on grammatical errors in compositions written by second graders in the upper-secondary school 

Kuvaja, Sari: British film in Finnish subtitles: the subtitler's role in interpreting and transmitting foreign culture 

Leppänen, Ulla-Mari: Ethics and morality in Donna Tartt's The Secret History 

Matila, Jyrki: They are beautiful and they are human beings', the Blackfeet in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as seen by Walter McClintock 

Niemelä, Satu: Appraising Frasier: the relationship between additional target text elements and compensatory technique 

Nikkilä, Matti: Parody and Frame-breaking in the Heroic Quest: An Analysis of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

Peltokorpi, Hanne: Where are you menet? A case study on the language development of an English-Finnish bilingual child

Pietilä, Mervi: Meaning construction processes and foreign language learning. Expanding conversational storytelling into educational settings 

Pistemaa-Junno, Tiina: A study of the translation of culture-specific items in Mauri Kunnas's children's book Seitsemän koiraveljestä into English and Swedish

Rantamäki, Hanne: The measure of good and evil: the role of the author in Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory 

Reynolds, Birgitta: Preposition errors in the English of first generation Finnish Americans: fixed patterns or random mistakes?

Rossi, Elina: Representations of power in Roald Dahl's Matilda 

Salmela, Hannu: The September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath in the Newsweek-magazine 

Säntti, Mikko: Analyzing the significance of the essay-section in the entrance examination for the English department at the University of Oulu

Tikkanen, Mervi: Outsider status: a study of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood 



Ahokangas, Anni: Ask me - I might have the answer: a pedagogical evaluation of a CALL software. 

Alasirniö, Anne: Rewriting a life: William S. Burroughs and the evolution of the writer: a study of Junky, Queer, and Naked Lunch as autobiographical accounts of self-purgation. 

Autio, Antti: Heart of Darkness: a study of film adaptation. 

Filtness, Leena: A study of the use of English inflectional morphemes among Finnish 7th and 9th graders. 

Hickey, Nina: Creating a positive classroom climate: the role of classroom climate in learning. 

Hietala, Antti: Towards content management with a dynamic style guide. 

Hälinen, Mervi: Anglicisms and their adaptation in present-day written Russian. 

Kaattari, Minna-Liisa: "The book of hidden things": intertextuality and Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence. 

Kiiski, Sipa: A Finnish schoolboy's first language performance in writing after an intense exposure to English. 

Korhonen, Petri: "Whatever walked there, walked alone" - the question of the supernatural in The Haunting of Hill House and its film version. 

Koski, Eeva-Liisa and Rahkonen, Leena: Is it hip to pop? - Music in an EFL classroom - attitudes & use and what lies behind them. 

Kostiander, Niina: The image of Finland in the Times 1986-2002. 

Kuorikoski, Niina: We're supposed to be an alternative family . An analysis of the lesbian characters and lesbianism in the two versions of Queer as Folk 

Kurkela, Päivi: Question-answer techniques in a lingua franca negotiation situation. 

Kuurola, Mirja: Binarisms and anomalies in Wide Sargasso Sea: a post-colonial approach

Lajunen-Tuokko, Ulla: Evaluating the communicativeness of Finnish restaurant menus translated into English. 

Markos, Miritaa: No, no swearing, no swearing allowed: a comparative study of hesitation phenomena in the spoken English of two generations of Finnish Australians

McCambridge, Elina: FinSL (L1) and Finnish (L2) influence on written English (L3). 

Nevala, Pia: Hey, hey scoogie dance': a study of the Hurriganes and rock Esperanto.

Nykänen, Arja: Differences in motivation between Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Ammattioppilaitos and Muhos lukio students - case study. 

Onkamo, Virpi: The utilisation of the discourse marker listen in information retrieval 

Palo, Marjo: Acquisition of English vocabulary by Finnish second form schoolchildren. 

Palukka, Petra: Bitch is not a dirty word - On the terminology of dog shows. 

Pankkonen, Tomi: Weak forms and other reduction phenomena in the speech of Finnish speakers of English. 

Pessa, Virve: Key English - presentation of culture in an English learning book series. 

Pulkkinen, Juha: Edding's recipe: David Edding's formula for fantasy realised in The Redemption of Althalus. 

Päiväniemi, Janne-Pekka: How the west was lost - the changing male image in Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West. 

Rahkala, Johanna: Accessibility and appeal of advertisements in British and American women's magazines from the point of view of Finnish readers. 

Tapaninen, Tarja: A virtual Alzheimer discussion forum - a new form of peer support. 

Välitalo, Inkamari: Gendered readings: two approaches to the representation of female characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. 



Grubert, Seppo: And you know what I did? The use of you know in American English conversations. 

Kaukko, Arja and Maarit Siekkinen: A Comparative Study of the Use of the Conjuncts so and then in the English of Finnish Americans and Finnish Australians.

Kuusisaari, Niina: The Motivational Features of the Preactional Phase in English Language Learning (A Qualitative Srudy of Foreign Language Motivation in the IB School of Oulu). 

Kärsämä, Hanna-Liisa: From Author to Reader: A Communicative Approach to the Fiction of Flannery O'Connor. 

Laine, Päivi: A study of the translation of slang words in Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Lehtonen, Paula: Thanking and Apologising Strategies Used by Senior High School Students. 

Luukkonen, Tero: The Faces Behind Anarchy : A Comparative Analysis of the Groups and the Followers of American and British Punk Rock. 

Mattila, Suvi: Luntsia, sänvitsiä ja semmosta: A study of phonological adaptation in the spoken Finnish of Finnish Americans. 

Niemelä, Maarit: Stance taking in direct reported speech. 

Niku, Helena: Female representations in two Mills & Boon romance novels before and after second-wave feminism. 

Omar, Pirjo-Liisa: United We Stand: Construction of "Us" in the Rhetoric of George W. Bush after September 11, 2001. 

Prittinen, Tiina: Then don't eat your scallops Children's Agency in Family Dinnertable Conversations.

Pänkäläinen, Anne: Textbook, teacher, and television: A study of cultural content and 1st grade upper secondary school students' attitudes towards the Americans and the British. 

Rantala, Elina: Loci of suspense and their translation: a contrastive analysis of Agatha Christie's detective novel Sparkling Cyanide and its Finnish translation. 

Saarela, Hanna: The formation of the 'moi' of the female protagonist in Edna O'Brien's The Country Girls. 

Saarilampi, Erja: Dyslexia and foreign language learning: Tools for teaching English to dyslexics. 

Tauriainen, Sanna-Kaisa: Foreign language teaching policy of the European Union 1995-2002.

Tolonen, Juuso: Christian worldviews and dogmas in a novel trilogy by C. S. Lewis. 

Yppärilä, Sari: Influene of Indigenous Languages on Australian and New Zealand English. 



Aikio, Jouko: Information theory and translation: the communication of linguistic information in a process of translation 

Arvola, Ulrika: Identity in Carole Corbeil's Voice-over 

Elovaara, Mika: The two faces of soccer - An empirical study on the sociology of soccer in England and the US 

Elsilä, Katri: The treatment of plantation mythology in The Confessions of Nat Turner by William Styron 

Hantula, Sari: Much Ado about "A Nude Chocolate-smeared Young Woman": Strategies of Persuasion in Reviews of Karen Finley's Performance Piece "We Keep Our Victims Ready" 

Heikkinen, Marjo: Language learning in the work place. A participattory study of language learning practices and needs among university staff 

Hekanaho, Minna: Narrative and ideology in Microserfs 

Himanen, Ritva: "You have mail in Telsi": fostering learner ownership of foreign language learning in a web-based learning environment 

Hollsten, Nina: Polite, traditional and freckled: students' stereotypes and attitudes towards British people and culture 

Honkala, Sonja: Archetypes, symbols and mandalas: a Jungian approach to Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising 

Junno, Tiina: Maternal love and a mother's sense of self in a portrayal of a black slave mother in Toni Morrison's Beloved 

Kanervo, Panu: Display texts in first generation WAP-enabled mobile phones 

Kelder, Kanni: "Comic in its existence" - Manifestations of carnivalization in Graham Greene's Stamboul Train 

Keskitalo, Ulla: Building a learning community in distance education: a study of messages in Graduate Plaza 

Kontiokari-Hautamäki, Sanna-Maija: From Mother Goose into Hanhiemo: Comparison of three Finnish translators' versions of English nursery rhymes 

Kurvinen, Satu: Assessing translation quality: Finnish readers' evaluation of two Winnie-the-Pooh translations 

Lapinkangas, Minna: Epistolary structure in Jane Austen's Lady Susan 

Latvala, Jarkko: Power relations as the constituents of Joseph Conrad's novel The Secret Agent 

Moilanen, Hilkka: Characters as manifestations of stereotypes in the situation comedy Frasier 

Peltola, Anne: The process of user documentation in the software industry. A theoretical consideration with reference to three Finnish software companies 

Pullinen, Arja: The attitudes of the members of the league of Finnish-American societies towards American culture and the English language 

Pyykkönen, Jenni: She goes "Yeah"&ldots; and I said "Oh". Gender differences in the use of direct reported speech in English conversations 

Rauniomaa, Mirka: Informalization in employment advertisements on the world wide web 

Rintala, Mona: English language needs and skills of supermarket workers in Oulu 

Rissanen, Mari: Communication strategies in the English of first generation Finnish Australians

Salla, Kirsi: Virginia Woolf and the construction of a new subjectivity beyond categories 

Taramaa, Raija: Metaphors on death - mythical or religious? Comparison of three English translations of the Kalevala 

Virtaluoto, Jenni: Exploring readability and readability indexes 

Vuoriaro, Päivi: "&ldots; The lady of the speaking!" - A qualitative ideological analysis and cross-cultural ethnographic study of Keeping Up Appearances 

Vähäkuopus, Mika: Heavy rules, nu-metal sucks: a study of recent English loanwords in the Finnish youth magazines Mix and Suosikki 

Ylävaara, Reeta: "Steamy studs" and "well rounded girls": sexism in Playboy and Playgirl magazines 



Halvari, Päivi and Annika Mattila: The changing representations of gender in two EFL textbook series 

Hannus, Virpi: Error analysis of two articles on molecular biochemistry written by a Finnish speaker of English 

Id, Leena: Cultural differences in the use of metadiscourse in English scientific writing: a statistical approach 

Kaattari, Minna-Liisa: Aspects of intertextuality in Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising Sequence 

Kontio, Anri: Changing world changing word: a study of Anglicisms in Finnish newsaper advertisements 

Lahtinen, Mikko: Ideology in J.R.R.Tolkien's The Hobbit 

Opas, Marja and Terhi Paloheimo-Pikkarainen: Dyslexia and English as a foreign language: a study on compositions in English matriculation examination spring 1995 

Sandberg, Sanna: Aspects of information in travel advertising 

Savolainen, Pilvi: Discourse markers in the English of Finnish Americans 

Sorvoja, Piia: "These are the wrong sort of bees." - Inferential communication in Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne 

Väisänen, Eve: From Pudding to Joulupuuro. A Study of Translation Procedures in the Six Finnish Translations of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol 

Väänänen, Taina: Translation of Culture-specific Items from Finnish into English in Finnish Tourist Brochures 



Ahonen, Tuija: Transfer in language contact and SLA research: a combined view on transfer 

Kareen, Paulina: Portrayal of female characters in three Mills and Boon novels 

Kemppainen, Johanna: Lexical features in the spoken English of Finnish Australians 

Kärkkäinen, Jarmo: Towards utopia: an analysis of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness 

Laakkonen, Katja: A study of the realization of rhythm in the English of Finnish Australians 

Lehikoinen, Mia: A study of the English translations of the Finnish verb doublet

Nikkanen, Ulla: Consumer appeal in bodybuilding advertisements 

Rantala, Jaana: The importance of being localized: a study on the adequacy of the language localization process used by a Finnish-English machine translation system 

Ruuska, Satu: Understanding user interface and interaction through metaphor: considerations of metaphor research and design for personal information products 

Saven, Tiina: Black English and its use in Alice Walker's The Color Purple and Toni Morrison's Sula 

Talasmäki, Miia: Situational code-switching and swearing in Irvine Welsh's novel Trainspotting 

Tapio, Johanna: A discourse-analytical study of communication on Internet Relay Chat (IRC) 

Tikka, Piiastiina: Narration in Jeanette Winterson's Gut Symmetries 

Viinikanoja, Marja: Structures in newspaper sports discourse 



Annala, Riitta: Native-language influence on Finnish second-grade secondary school pupils' production of syllable duration in English 

Isola, Hanna: Mother/sister/she: the representation of black womanhood in Toni Morrison's Tar Baby 

Kangas, Anu: Lost opportunities: futility of the pursuit of the American dream in The Great Gatsby and Wall Street 

Keisanen, Tiina: Relevance theoretical and other approaches to verbal humour 

Kitkiöjoki, Tuomas: On Russian loans and their Finnish translations in A Clockwork Orange 

Koivisto, Tuomo: Non-standard word order in the spoken English of first generation Finnish Australians 

Koivupuu, Karoliina: A portrait of an artist as an old man - a study of Evelyn Waugh in 1944 - 1966 

Lahti, Hanne: Lexical errors in the spoken English of Finnish Australians 

Leinonen, Jari: A comparison of the semantic content of some Finnish and English verbs relating to sensory perception 

Mannila, Tarja: A study of phonic interference from Finnish into the English of Finnish Australians 

Mäkikokko, Ville: Critical reading - critical discourse analysis applied to teenage magazines 

Nevala, Janne: From hard living to hardly living: masculinity in Raymond Carver's fiction 

Pecova-Kesäläinen, Marija: Miscommunication and its remedy: a corpus-based study of repairs in native/non-native speakers' dyadic conversations 

Peurifoy, Elina: A study of English idioms and their translation into Finnish 

Turunen, Tarmo: Text-based computer-mediated communication on the internet 

Törmänen, Esa: Utilising educational technology to promote foreign language learning - Learning English in a mixed mode learning environment 

Vepsä, Sirpa: Using ISO 9001 Standard as a tool: an analysis of the English and Finnish versions 



Gerlander, Anu: Oral exercises at the beginning of upper secondary school: a case study of Passwords 

Haakana, Marjo-Riitta: On ideology in children's literature - an analysis of speech representation in children's fiction 

Haddington, Pentti: This is not going to have a happy ending': searching for new representations of Hollywood masculinities in David Fincher's Se7en 

Heikkinen, Jukka-Pekka: The use of learning strategies in reading comprehension by upper secondary school students 

Hiltula, Pirjo: Politeness in the Working English television series 

Jylhä, Eva-Jo: Orson Scott Card's explorations of the doctrine and culture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ender's Game and The Tales of Alvin Maker 

Karppinen, Erja: The cognitive strategies used by upper secondary school students with difficult words in two translation tasks 

Leiviskä, Petteri: Cohesive factors in software guide texts: a case study 

Liikala, Liisa: Fluency in relation to speech planning phenomena in the spontaneous speech of Finnish speakers of English 

Majapuro, Arto: Learner autonomy in foreign language learning 

Maunu, Janne: "Long damn message." An analysis of an electronic discourse in a graduate literary class 

Maunus, Anne: The verb as a register marker in technical manuals 

Niemelä, Satu: The Frasier Files: an investigation of how register indicators survive in the translations 

Nurmela, Mervi: Aspect in English and its representations in Finnish, French and German 

Päätalo, Johanna: On idioms and their Finnish translations in the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes 

Roini, Maija: Trouble-managing in spoken discourse: a study of repair sequences in informal English/Finnish interviews 

Sipilä, Aila : Mothers and daughters from cradle to grave: an analysis of mother-daughter relationships in Pat Parker's Union Street 

Sorvari, Jaana: Communicative competence: the theory and the application 

Terästi, Pasi: Typography - text accessibility and function through letter design 

Tiirola, Susanna: Reading and gender in the British spy novel as represented in Evelyn Anthony's Albatross and Colin Forbes's The Janus Man 

Utterström-Peurasaari, Kirsti: Communicative language teaching and adult learners: An analysis of Adult Communicative English 1 and Take It Easy 1 

Vesalainen, Nanna: Code-switching and borrowing in the Finnish and English of first-generation Finnish Americans 



Berisa, Marja: An analysis of the language portrayed in Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs 

Hyvärinen, Maarit: Text organisation in operating instructions for video cassette recorders: a comparative study 

Hämälä, Sari: English immersion in the Finnish context - the Kokkola case 

Jussila, Marjo: Decolonizing the madwoman: Voyage into Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea 

Kaartinen, Pirjo: Communication strategies in the English of Finnish Australians 

Koivukangas, Pirjo: Imagery in Sylvia Plath's Poetry 

Kuorikoski, Kati: How about écrasing someone? A study of the functions and translations of the French elements in Julian Barnes's Metroland 

Laitakari, Ursula: STOLI, BABE! A study of the translation of nonstandard characteristics in the subtitles of Absolutely Fabulous 

Mannermaa, Kirsi: On the effect of bilingualism on the perception of the pure short vowels of English 

Määttä, Tuulia: A study of attitudes and language use of non-native students in the university of Hertfordshire 

Piittinen, Riitta: Attitudes, motivation and achievement 

Pohjanrinne, Mirka: From survival to the defeat of fulfilment: Naturalistic conflict, Western myths and self-hatred in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye 

Purola, Mika: Death and deathlessness in Germanic heroic tradition: a continuum in Tolkien's fiction 

Ronkainen, Hilkka: Assessing the English language skills and individual differences in vocational institutions 

Sahlgren, Jari: The varieties of goodness and deceptive advertising: a philosophical and linguistic study 

Sohlo, Ilari: Manifestations of postmodernism in American literature 

Vahtola, Virpi: A study of metacognition of writing: English Philology students' awareness of their writing process and use of affective and metacognitive strategies 



Carpén, Börje: Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49: The Paranoid Consciousness of Oedipa Maas 

Hautajärvi, Kaisu: On Translating Culture Bound Vocabulary from Finnish into English in Mauri Kunnas' Three Children's Books 

Huovinen, Pirjo: A Contrastive Study of Bankruptcy Notices in English, German and Finnish 

Izadi, Anne: A Platonic View of Language Ontology and Epistemology and its Implications for the Role of the English Language in International Communication 

Jokelainen, Anneli: On Finnish Upper Secondary School Students' Experiences in English Teaching and in Intercultural Communication and Their Ability to Use Certain Conversational Patterns in English 

Junttila, Heidi: A Study of Learner Awareness: Metacognitive Factors in Developing Language Learners' Conversational Skills and Successfulness in Language Learning 

Junttila, Liisa and Pirkko Väyrynen: Digging for the Right Word: A Study of Finnish Archaeology Students as Dictionary Users 

Kivioja, Jukka-Pekka: Computer Assisted Language Learning: Software Explorations and a Pilot Study 

Koskenkangas, Marjatta: A Study of Translating Finnish Proverbs into English 

Koskinen, Risto: Learners' Use of Compensation Strategies at Upper Secondary Level 

Liljeström-Katisko, Harriet: Just Muppets of a Murder Game? - On the Characterization in Agatha Christie's Sparkling Cyanide (1945) 

Lindell, Katariina: Some Aspects of Text Accessibility in Fox Terrier Breed Standards 

Matthan, Joanna: A Socio-linguistic Study of a Pre-school English Immersion Programme 

Mommo, Sari and Satu Turunen: Women and Men Speaking: Difference and Dominance in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? 

Niskanen, Helena: Politeness in Social Contexts: Requests and Apologies in Student Discourse 

Nurmi, Elva: The Contribution of Relexicalization to Coherence in L2 Multi-party Conversations 

Oksanen, Annamaria: "Lady Writes the Blues" - Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Alice Walker's The Color Purple 

Palosaari, Mika: Romantic Discourses of Rock in the Music Press: A Case Study 

Pohjala, Jaana-Maija: Successful Interruptions in Dyadic and Group Conversations 

Ridell, Hanna-Marja: A Survey of How (Political, Societal and Individual) Attitudes toward Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Affect Minority Children's Learning of English as a Second Language in Britain 

Riikola, Merja: Selection of Vocabulary for Foreign Language Teaching Purposes with Particular Reference to the Notion of Coreness as a Criterion in Selection 

Rimpiläinen, Jaana: A Study on Culture, Stereotypes and Attitudes in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language 

Saarenkunnas, Maarit: Texts in EFL Teaching/Learning - an Underutilised Resource 

Saarinen, Susanna: Oprah or Mirja Pyykkö?: A Study of the Quality of Culture-bound Translations in an American Television Show 

Siltala, Anne: We have a Problem Here - Conflict and Politeness Strategies in Pupil Discourse 

Tapiola, Teija: Success in Access to Excess? An Analysis of Factors Affecting Nonnative English Speakers' Understanding of Insurance Policy Language 



Annala, Sanna: The Metaphorical Structure of Aids Revealed by Lexical Expressions in Non-scientific Discourse 

Hietaharju, Päivi: Conversational Strategies in Native-Nonnative Interactions 

Huhtinen-Franzon, Päivi: Emily Dickinson's Death Poetry as a Deconstruction of Transcendentalism 

Ihamäki, Marja: The Use of Cognitive Production Strategies of Young Beginning Language Learners 

Jaaranen, Arto: The Integrity of the Image: Robert Bly's Poetics of Translation 

Jokiranta, Petri: The Language of Sport in Some American and British Newspapers 

Karppinen, Anne: A Study of English Idioms with Special Reference to Their Translation into Finnish 

Kylmälä, Marita and Maarit Wimmer: English Language Teaching at Pilot Polytechnics of Health Care and Social Work 

Kärsämä, Ulla: A Study of Learner Vocabulary: The Mental Lexicon and Its Relationship to Conversational Competence 

Lakkala, Marko: Translating Finnish Clitic Particles into English 

Latvalehto, Kai: Robert Bly's Iron John and Lady Chatterley's Lover: A Study of D.H.Lawrence's Last Novel 

Lisko, Maria: Non-finite Forms in British Gardening Texts 

Mehtälä, Virpi: An Analysis of Direct and Indirect Repairs in Learner-Teacher Interaction 

Myllylä, Anu: Interpreting Irony: A Study of The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie 

Männikkö, Janne: Lexical Features and Code-switching in the English of Finnish Americans 

Niemi, Kati: A Study of Students' Ability to Recognize, Translate and Produce Idiomatic Expressions 

Peltoniemi, Nina-Mari: The Memory Strategies and Conversational Competence: A Study of a Learner Group at the Sixth Form 

Rasimus, Ritva: Discourse and the Image of Finland in Five Political Newspaper Articles 

Roppola, Heli: A Study of Terminology in English and in Finnish: the Concept of Criminal Intelligence and Crime Analysis 

Takkunen-Lauri, Tommi: The Principles of Social Reconstruction: A Study of Bertrand Russell's Social Theory as Presented in His Essays from 1915 to 1938 

Timlin, Liisa: T he Use of Positive and Negative Politeness Strategies in Some ESP Textbooks of Technical Colleges 

Väisänen, Jukka: On the Vocabulary Learning of Second-year Students in Senior Secondary School 



Ahonen, Juhani: On Analysing Human Communication: A Survey of Different Approaches to Language Use and Interaction with Special Reference to Two Distinct Models for the Analysis of Spoken Discourse 

Anttila, Tuija: On Question Functions and Question Strategies among 1st Year High School Students 

Heinänen, Katri: The Influence of Quakerism in Walt Whitman's Song of Myself 

Huotari, Eini: The Wasteland of Life and Contacts. T.S.Eliot's The Waste Land in Comparison with Ezra Pound's Hugh Selwyn Mauberley 

Korkalainen, Riitta: On the Language of English Business Letters: A Register Study of Business Letter Texts 

Kämäräinen, Satu: In Quest of Romanticism: D.H. Lawrence and William Wordsworth 

Mehtälä-Laitala, Katariina: Lexical, Semantic and Syntactic Frozenness and Their Effect on Finnish Senior School Students' Understanding of Fixed Expressions 

Mikkonen, Seija: Lexical Inferencing Processes of Upper Secondary School Students: An Analysis of Think-aloud protocols 

Moilanen, Anja: Expressing modality: A contrastive analysis of Finnish modal particles and their realizations in English 

Mäkelä, Samuli: Distribution of participation: Distribution of power. The Scottish issue in The Scotsman and The Times during the general election campaign of 1992 

Nikkilä, Eeva-Kaisa: Oral and Written Communication Strategies by Three Sixth Formers: A Case Study of Finnish Learners 

Rajala, Siru: What about hanging ourselves? A study in discourse analysis with special reference to the routines in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot 

Rasimus, Irja: Sexism, Drugs, and Rock'n'roll? A Study of the Language Usage in Rolling Stone Magazine 

Räinä, Alpo: The Code of Coolness: Adaptation of Hollywood Mythology to Jim Jarmusch's Stranger than Paradise 

Salo, Antti: The Finnish Conjunction KUN and Some of its English Counterparts in Expressing Time through Aspect 

Siltala, Satu: The Use of Politeness Strategies in Informal and Formal Writing of the Finnish Sixth Form Writers 

Träskilä, Mikko: Wordplay and Translation as Exemplified by the Comic Series Astérix 



Brunou, Sini-Sinikka: On the Cooperative Language Use of the Finnish Speakers of English in a Negotiation Discourse 

Hinkkanen, Outi: Lexical Combinations in Two Business English Textbooks 

Hirvonen, Päivi: Routine Formulae in Learner Discourse: A Study of Pupil Performance 

Kangas, Tuula: Communicative Competence of Finnish Interlocutors in Native-Nonnative Interviews: Turn-Taking, Gambits and Cultural Aspects 

Karvonen, Raimo: The Recognition of English Vocal Expressions of Emotion by English and Finnish Listeners 

Kelhä, Maria: Compensation/Communication Strategies and Metacognition: A Study of Finnish Learners Acquiring English 

Kinnunen-Jurvelin, Anja: Simplification for Language Teaching Purposes 

Kuortti, Kimmo: The Implications of the Cultural Frame of Reference in the Poetic Image: With Special Reference to Six Finnish Poems and their Translations 

Laaksonen-Määttälä, Hannele: A Study of the Poetic Features in the Lyrics of Some Finnish Rock-Groups Performing in English 

Langille, John: The Formant Structure of Specific Extrinsic Allophones Preceding Final Stops in the English Language: Anticipatory Coarticulation 

Lappalainen, Tuija: Cohesive Features in Different Text Types, Especially As a Means of Connecting Paragraphs 

Larivaara, Sirkka: The Use of Language Learning Strategies with Young Beginning Language Learners 

Lavanko, Paula: On Anglo-American Rock Lyrics in the 1960s and 1970s and Their Translations into Finnish with Special Reference to Changes in the Finnish Youth Culture 

Mäkipaaso, Marja: An Analysis of Characterization in Mark Twain's Novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" 

Mäntyniemi, Taina: On the Forms and Functions of Repetition in Conversational Discourse of English and Finnish Speakers - A Contrastive Study 

Niva, Anna-Maria: Gambits in the Conversations of Finnish Adult Learners of English: Their Role in Different Types of Talk and Developing Communicative Competence 

Oikarinen, Suvi: The Role of Creative Language in Advertising 

Peurasaari, Pirjo: Intonation Comprehension among the First Grade Secondary School Pupils in Kemi 

Rossi, Liisa: Learner's Use of Lexical Communication Strategies in Learner-Native Interaction 

Suominen, Sari: Advertising on Music Television 



Auvinen, Anna-Kaisa: A functional study of gambits in native/non-native speaker interaction 

Hautala, Teija: A comparative analysis of English compositions of Finnish and Swedish speaking students 

Heikkilä, Kristiina: A comparative study on the language of faxes and business letters 

Hyttinen, Outi: A woman's journey in quest: a study of the autobiographic presentation in the diary of Anais Nin, volumes I and II, 1931-1939 

Julkunen, Marketta: Questions and answers in native-nonnative interviews 

Kanniainen, Janne: Symmetry in the development of English pure vowel systems 

Kelly, Leena: An approach to Avonlea: on the characterization in L.M.Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables 

Keränen, Mari: On communicative foreign language teaching: An interactive approach in Guys'n Gals 

Klytseroff, Vuokko: Repetition in the function of humour in oral discourse 

Kumpula, Eija: What do student essays tell us? Static and dynamic cohesion in second and third form essays at the upper secondary school 

Laukka, Maija-Liisa: Evaluation in John Updike's short stories "Nevada" and "The Egg Race" 

Lehtiniemi, Anne: A performance analysis of Finnish sixth form students' written production

Marjomaa, Auli: On the characteristics of nature-related vocabulary in OK English, a texbook series for the Finnish comprehensive school 

Mäki-Korvela, Helena: Thematic imagery in the major short stories by Katherine Mansfield - a vision of life 

Paavola-Huovinen, Krista: Recycled turn beginnings in two-party NS-NNS conversations 

Palmu, Niina: A semantic comparison of the epithets for Väinämöinen in Kalevala and two of its translations into English 

Perälä, Markku: The attraction of horror with special reference to Stephen King 

Pilto, Risto: Organizing text and hypertext: reflections on the structure of written discourse and its relation to discourse comprehension and mental representation 

Pippola, Paula: Evaluating the cultural contents of two textbook series: Focus on British society 

Punnonen, Mervi: The Viking influence on England and English: wordmaps based on the basic material of the Survey of English Dialects 

Puro, Timo: The vocabulary knowledge continuum: From receptive to productive 

Pylkkänen, Maija: Reflections on the lexis, collocations and engineering English 

Saartoala, Ritva: Aspects of modernism reflected in E.E. Cummings' idiosyncracy 

Salmivaara, Taina: Some verbal and non-verbal devices used in creating and maintaining rapport in two TV programmes: A Different World and The Cosby Show 

Seppänen, Nina: Women as outsiders - feminist literary study of two plays by Tennessee Williams 

Seppänen, Tuula: The translation of names in J.R.R. Tolkien's novel "The Lord of the Rings" 

Tiikkainen, Eija: Reading strategies - how Finnish secondary school students read English for comprehension 

Toivanen, Juhani: On the validity of the intonation theory by O'Connor and Arnold: a theoretical description and an experimental analysis 

Vaitti, Virve: Evaluation in Charles Bukowski's novel Post Office 

Vähä, Anne: Routine expressions in English: a description of teacher talk 

Väyrynen, Pertti: On intonation marking non-finality in discourse 



Aho, Esko: A study on the ability of Finnish language schoolchildren to structure basic intonation contours of English 

Anttila, Outi: The portrayal of ten female characters in John Irving's The World According to Garp 

Halvari, Heidi: Verbal feedback in two-party face-to-face interaction 

Hankkila, Anna-Leena: "I know I'm speaking Finnish, ei oo hyvä" 

Heikkinen, Liisa: Vocabulary in English horoscopes with a special focus on collocations 

Hellsten, Minna-Rita: Twenty-two years of English borrowings in Finnish 

Hernigle, Leena: Multiple-choice cloze test. The validity and reliability of the multiple-choice cloze part of the matriculation examination of A-level English in spring 1990 

Humina, Seppo: Sex differences in foreign language learning 

Ikineva, Jaana: Tense, aspect and modality in Finnish and English: A qualitative study of learner translations from an error analytic point of view 

Jakkila, Pirjo: Core and non-core words in male and female spoken discourse - a vocabulary analysis 

Karvonen, Riitta-Sisko: Phrasal verbs in English and in Guys 'n Gals. Some pedagogical implications. 

Kerola, Jaakko-Pekka: Translating film comedy 

Louhivuori, Hannele: Characterization in Alice Munro's short story 'Prue' 

Maunu, Maija-Liisa and Anneli Oksanen: Study of politeness, and use of politeness strategies by speakers in a data selected from some English novels 

Piltti, Ulla: The impersonal use of the pronouns we, you, they and one in three novels by Barbara Pym 

Pohjannoro, Annakaisa: Notions of Jane Austen's female characters 

Putkonen, Mer-Inkeri: Is the She Devil a Devil? 

Pyykkö, Risto: The impolite laser: negativity in Adam Mars-Jones's short story Bathpool Park 

Rautio, Juhani: "Hold My Hand", Parodic song texts by The Rutles 

Rusanen, Timo: Some archetypal patterns in Stephen King's novel Pet Sematary 

Rönkkö, Antti: On translating culture-bound expressions in tourist brochures from Finnish into English 

Suistola, Anja: A study of narrative voice and point of view in Chinua Achebe's novels Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God 

Vellonen, Sirpa: The world-creating power of dramatic dialogue: A study in discourse analysis with special reference to "Entertaining Mr Sloane" by Joe Orton 



Aula, Tarja: Discourse markers in native/non-native speaker interaction 

Canepari, Minna and Mirja-Liisa Haverinen: Semantic fields and word frequencies as a means of analysing textbook vocabularies - a descriptive study 

Hukkanen, Raija: Reading comprehension - the content validity and reliability of the reading comprehension parts of six matriculation examinations of English in the 1980s 

Isoviita, Vuokko: A register analysis of English advertisements 

Junes, Annemarie: The study of characters in The Diamond As Big As The Ritz and The Lost Decade - towards the themes of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories

Kosunen, Riitta: Persuasive vocabulary in advertising 

Kunnari, Maarit: A study of metaphor within the figurative language in The Book of Psalms in the authorised King James Version of The Holy Bible

Kuure, Olli: A comprehensive model of the linguistic sign. The analysis of language according to Carl Svedelius. (Kaksi painettua artikkelia). 

Laakkonen-Hepo-Oja, Pirjo: Achievement in an experimental E-English group. A comparison with an A-English group 

Loppela, Sari and Aila Paaso: The role of English in a Finnish graduate engineer's work 

Niemelä, Kaisu: The identification and production of English sibilants by Finnish third formers: An experimental study 

Parviainen, Anna-Maria: Politeness in the language of Americans and British in David Lodge's Changing Places 

Rajala, Varpu: Drama in the teaching of English as a foreign language 

Suontila-Mäkinen, Kaisa: The theme of personal identity in Paul Scott's The Raj Quartet 

Takalo, Mirja: On the use of lowland Scots in Robert McLellan's short stories 

Veikanmaa, Anitta: Repetition in English and Scottish traditional ballads 



Aaltonen, Armi and Pekka Isomursu: Operational language use in telephone conversations 

Aitta, Aino: Errors in pronouns in texts written by Finnish school children

Alaoja, Iiris: Some Finnish clause constructions and their English equivalents

Haarala, Arja: Programmed teaching as a teaching method in the English and Swedish courses in the introductory year of forestry in Finnish forestry schools 

Haavisto, Merja: The mastering of the English articles by Swedish- and Finnish-speaking comprehensive school students (Ninth form) 

Karjalainen, Anneli: The modal auxiliaries in an English textbook series used in the Finnish comprehensive school 

Kataja, Riitta and Tuija Rapakko: On grammatical and social competence of Finnish speakers of English 

Koivisto, Maija-Riitta: A grammatical vs. pragmatic approach to certain connective items in English 

Muotka, Kerttu: A study of word order errors made by Finnish sixth-formers in the composition writing of a matriculation examination 

Mäki, Tuija: Compound nouns in Finnish and their translation equivalents in English. A contrastive study 

Nikumatti, Eila: Lexicalized sentence stems in English conversation 

Päkkilä, Jarmo: The metalinguistic phase in foreign language situations as an indicator of second language proficiency 

Välimäki, Raimo: Speech acts and 'emic' classification as a basis of a study on the connection between speech acts and linguistic elements, and their use in translation study 



Aitakangas, Ulla: Society as reflected in some works of Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell 

Anttila, Maarit: Some features of the imagery in Graham Greene's literature 

Arjas, Pirkko: Impromptu speech in conversational American English 

Haatainen, Pirjo: Simultaneous speech and interruptions in Finnish and English speakers' speech in dyadic conversations 

Hakoköngäs, Laura-Maria and Heli Kaarre: Negotiation strategies as used by Finnish speakers of English 

Honkola, Heikki: Songs and music in foreign language teaching: A practical approach 

Jokiranta-Mononen, Aira: On the translation of the English object into German (abstract)

Karanko, Sinikka: Ellipsis in English dialogue with special reference to Betrayal by Harold Pinter

Kauppi, Jaana: The deductive and inductive approaches to grammar teaching in upper comprehensive school: An experiment and a comparative study 

Kivari, Kirsi: On the opening and closing phases in English conversation: A comparative study 

Lehtola, Marja: Narrative structure in William Golding's Rites Of Passage 

Lusma, Riitta: A study of syntax in Jane Austen's three novels: Sense And Sensibility, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion 

Mikkola, Minna: Male/female differences in the use of 'you know': Functional approach 

Naamanka, Riitta: Some aspects of interactive strategies and dominance in English conversations 

Nortala-Tolonen, Tuula: Literary representation of phonological and grammatical features of vernacular black English in Alex Haley's novel Roots 

Oikarinen, Auli: Comparison of two models of discourse analysis 

Ontero, Anne: A Freudian interpretation of the main characters in Ararat and Swallow by D.M. Thomas 

Orajärvi, Tuomo: The French Lieutenant's Woman: Harold Pinter's screenplay in comparison with John Fowles's original novel 

Pylvänäinen-Suorsa, Marjatta: A study of the vocabulary of Sunday Mirror with a brief comparison to the Times 

Sykkö, Tuula: Suggestopaedia and Adult English Learning 

Turunen, Jaana: Some aspects of sex differences in spoken discourse

Valtonen, Irmeli: An interpretation of the description of the Northernmost Europe in the Old English Orosius 

Vepsäläinen, Marja-Leena: The influence of religion on some of Graham Greene's later novels 

Ylikoski, Eeva-Liisa: A literary approach to the English versions of three North American Indian narratives

Ylipiessa, Riitta: Lexical errors by pupils at the Lukio stage 



Ahlholm, Heikki: Andre Brink and Nadine Gordimer as committed writers - thematic and linguistic study 

Huttunen, Tuula: On the use of directives in three English plays with special reference to politeness 

Juntunen, Pentti: On lexical cohesion: Theory and applications 

Järvelä, Maria-Liisa: Sex markers in male and female speech in modern popular literature 

Järvi, Jorma: On the sources and production of computing terms

Koivu-Junnila, Marjatta: Point of view in Joseph Conrad's Lord Jim 

Koukkari, Marja-Leena: Readability of English texts written by Finnish university students 

Kukkonen, Soili and Marja Siltari: Anglo-Indian problematic in The Raj Quartet by Paul Scott 

Kursula, Eliisa: Oral language skills in two English course book series. A comparative study 

Myllylä, Erja: Communication strategies in learner/native speaker interaction 

Nygård, Lenita: Word-formation in Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass 

Pelkonen, Anitta: F. Scott Fitzgerald's narrative perspective in The Great Gatsby in comparison with The Last Tycoon 

Pitkänen, Jari: Vowel reduction in the English of a native speaker and Finnish learners: An acoustic study 

Salmenkaita, Elsi: The semantic contents and etymological backgrounds of some English and Finnish weaving terms 

Sarkkinen, Marja-Riitta: On language and education in two East African countries, Kenya and Tanzania 

Summala, Liisa: Linguistic features in the text: Some interviews and the printed versions 

Tapio, Juha: Quest For The Sun: The ontological tragi-comedy of J.G. Ballard 

Tolonen, Raili: The theme of identity in James Baldwin's Going To Meet The Man, Blues For Mister Charlie and Another Country 

Toro, Seija: Imagery in D.H. Lawrence's short stories 

Träskilä, Vuokko: A comparative study of the style in Doris Lessing's novels The Grass Is Singing and Re-colonised Planet 5 Shikasta 

Vuorela, Taina: Politeness markers used by Finnish students of English in connection with requests 



Aronen, Marita: A stylolinguistic study of Herman Melville's sentence structure in four of his short stories 

Honkala, Leena: On the female register in four novels by Barbara Pym 

Huru, Sinikka: On the use of lexical words in the texts of the Finnish school children at the higher grades of comprehensive school 

Huumonen, Juha: Participant orientation to violence: A study on V.S. Naipaul's fiction 

Hyppönen, Paula: Aspects of metaphor with particular reference to football reports in The Daily Mirror 

Hyvönen, Liisa: On the language of English telex correspondence 

Iskanius, Marja: The narrator's voice in Thackeray's Vanity Fair 

Järvenoja, Arja: Lexical cohesion in the text types of narration, argumentation, exposition and explication 

Kesälä, Tarja: A contrastive analysis of gambits in English conversations 

Korpi-Kansanniva, Hannele: Conversational analysis characterized with special reference to Edmondson's model for the structure of spoken discourse 

Kosonen, Anu-Liisa: Power relationships reflected in the structure of spoken discourse 

Kuusela, Eija: Description of the oral rejoinders by some Finnish comprehensive school pupils 

Lappalainen, Johanna: Gutwinski's model as a basis for a comparative study of cohesion in Conrad's Nostromo and Greene's The Honorary Consul 

Lehmusoksa, Pia: Some aspects of pragmatic particles in English 

Malmi, Raija: Description and analysis of some grammatical errors in the verbal phrase

Nikkilä, Eija: A theoretical discussion of point of view in fiction 

Ruohomäki, Eija: Temporal variables in Finnish university students' English 

Rusanen, Taina: A contrastive study of questions and responses in English conversations 

Rust, Tiina: Translating documentation Nomenclature at Telenokia 

Saloheimo, Inkeri: The problem-solution pattern and its modifications in the argumentative text form 



Ala-Louko, Ritva: On the cohesion and naturalness of the English used in textbook dialogues on different levels of language teaching 

Anttila, Marja-Leena and Leena Reinikainen: Reflections of women's liberation on the English language. A comparative synchronic study of language used in the times of 1971 and 1983 

Björklund, Jaana: Exchange linkage in literary compositions - an application of Edmonson's Model for Analysis 

Ervasti, Sinikka: Some aspects of male/female language differences in magazines

Immonen, Jukka: Compounds in the news articles of Time 

Järvenpää, Heikki: 'Will'& 'll and 'be going to' as indicators of futurity in English: Contextual analysis

Kapraali, Hannu: British quality and popular newspaper editorials - a quantitative comparison of style 

Kinnaird, Annukka: Teaching English pronunciation in Finnish primary and secondary schools - A textbook analysis

Kuokka, Ansa: Errors made by Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking students in the use of the English article system 

Lithovius, Sirkka: Dialectal and idiolectal means of individualizing characters in Charles Dickens's Little Dorrit

Luomala, Ulla: A comparative study of adjectival style markers in some of Fitzgerald's and Hemingway's works 

Mäenpää, Ilse: Syntactic deviations in poetry 

Oinas, Tarja: The standard pronunciation of English in Britain and America. A comparison

Partanen, Arja: Some aspects of the language of nautical articles 

Piippo, Leena: On expressing uncertainty in English 

Piirainen-Marsh, Arja: An analysis of the structure of lecture monologues 

Pukari, Juha: Formation of interpersonal relationships in Harold Pinter's The Homecoming: An experiment in discourse analysis of drama 

Reijula, Jaana: Burton's model as a method of analysing English conversation 

Rissanen, Mirja: The structure and the themes of Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook 

Susineva, Juhani: The translation of participial phrases from English to Finnish. Premodification by -ed and -ing participles

Varonen, Rauno: Functioning of dialogue in Graham Greene's Loser Takes All 

Wikström-Ahonen, Paula: A study of the interlanguage of Finnish commercial college students learning English 



Aapala, Marja: Henry Thoreau as the critic of the materialism and utilitarianism of his age 

Ainasoja, Maija-Liisa: Beckett's vision of desolation in his plays Waiting for Godot, All That Fall and Play 

Anttila, Ilmo: An experiment in using simulated speech situations in an oral test at a Finnish business school 

Haataja, Eija: Errors made by pupils in connected text 

Hokkinen, Auli-Maija: A study of the English existential sentence in written texts 

Kemppainen, Hannele: The Valency Grammar of Emons and its application to a group of English verbs 

Koivuranta, Eija: A textlinguistic study of English compositions by Finnish school children

Läspä, Leena: A Farewell To Arms and its Finnish translations 

Mehtälä, Jaana: Cohesion in the written and oral productions of Finnish high school students 

Raudaskoski, Pirkko: A contrastive analysis of the English and Finnish counterparts of relative clauses 

Sipola, Seija: A comparative study of hedges and other conversational strategies in English conversation

Vainikainen, Sinikka: Comparison of three English textbooks used in the comprehensive school 

Vakkanen, Auli: Edmondson's model for analysis of spoken discourse tentatively applied to some literary extracts

Vuolteenaho, Anne: Some aspects of the language of biomedical articles 



Apaala, Vuokko: The modal auxiliaries 'can' and 'must' and their Finnish equivalents in Persuasion and Viisasteleva sydän 

Autti, Päivi: Thematic devices and information structure used by Finnish learners of English in their oral productions 

Hautamäki, Arja: A study of paragraph division and development in the selected texts

Härkönen, Eija: On the translation of some Finnish impersonal verbs into English

Katajala, Ritva: An introduction to Susan Hill's prose fiction 

Krekelä, Tuula: A study of classroom discourse of primary school English lessons in Finland using Sinclair & Coulthard's pattern of analysis 

Kuokkanen, Seija: Grammatical errors made by Finnish and Swedish-Finnish pupils in the learning of English

Kurttila, Pirkko: Tense errors of pupils of a vocational school 

Lampela, Ritva: A comparative study of cohesion in the oral and written productions of Finnish high school students

Lehtonen, Pirjo: On the syntax of newspaper headlines 

Lukkari, Pekka: On the use of the gerund in English prose from the eighteenth to the twentieth century 

Pihlajaniemi, Tapio: Substandard forms in Saturday Night And Sunday Morning (Alan Sillitoe)

Saari, Marja: On the intonation of 'request': A case study 

Sivonen, Liisa: A contrastive analysis of the thematic structure of objective and subjective text forms

Vaittinen, Tuula: Pronominal reference in English and Finnish 



Eira-Vuontisjärvi, Maaret: A study of the teaching of the cultural content of the English language in the Finnish comprehensive school

Haapala, Tuula: Natural symbolism in D.H. Lawrence 

Holappa, Raili: The validity of listening programmes used for teaching listening comprehension in the three upper forms of comprehensive school

Huovinen, Hillevi: Cohesion in the oral productions of Finnish high school students

Karjalainen, Matti: A linguistic study: Literary dialect and code-switching in two of Thomas Hardy's Wessex Novels

Kemppainen, Eila: Noun phrases in a Finnish comprehensive school 

Kivioja, Aila: Errors made by cum laude students in a translation

Koivuniemi, Irma: A communicative approach to the teaching of English at the elementary level of Finnish comprehensive school: Games as an aid

Kokko, Kaarina: A comparative study of two textbook series for upper form English: The teaching of selective verb forms analysed

Kortelainen, Eila: A study of the English translation of the novel Sudenmorsian by Aino Kallas

Kärkkäinen, Elise: A comparative study of the modal verbs in English and German

Lindstedt-Fieldsend, Eeva: The fictional world of Evelyn Waugh's Sword Of Honour

Ljokkoi, Helena: Katherine Mansfield and her female characters 

Nauha, Kaisu: David Herbert Lawrence's poems and C.G. Jung's influence in them 

Oikarinen, Merja: On the correspondence of the use of the past tenses in English and French

Päivike, Päivi: Lexical cohesion in the compositions written by Finnish learners of English in the upper forms

Sortti, Eila-Maija: Idiomaticity in English and how it is represented in a textbook for the upper forms of the Finnish secondary school

Wunsch, Sirpa: Prison in the novels of Charles Dickens 


Barinoff, Ulla: Slang words and figurative language in The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger and Sieppari ruispellossa the Finnish translation by Pentti Saarikoski

Hanhela, Irma: Oral teaching of grammar: Grammar-translation, mimicry-memorization and pattern practice in classroom use

Harvola-Hast, Asta: The use of the mother tongue in the teaching of English at the lower level in Finnish comprehensive schools

Kaisla, Maarit: A study of learners' errors in English in the Finnish comprehensive school

Kallioniemi, Hilkka: Saul Bellow and the problems of contemporary American society as expressed in Humboldt's Gift

Kari, Sisko: Some linguistic aspects of irony in Thomas Hardy's The Complete Poems

Kortelainen, Annamari: The non-finite clause without subject as direct object

Kukkohovi, Anne: The role of English in the lives of Finnish emigrants to North America in the early 20th century

Kyröläinen, Helinä: Error analysis of pupils' English compositions in Finnish comprehensive school

Kärkkäinen, Maija-Liisa: On the appositive construction in English

Lilleberg, Leila: Readability of some simplified novels

Niskanen, Pirkko: On the use of pictures in Say It In English schoolbook series for the upper forms of the Finnish comprehensive school

Putkonen, Virve: On the relation between the degree of formality and the cohesive organization of a text

Reiman, Seija: Narrator's idiolect: A linguistic study of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye

Siren, Kirsi: Difficulties in the perception of English vowels: A contrastive / error analysis of English and Turkish

Voutilainen, Ritva: A comparative study of English prepositions and their Swedish equivalents in Graham Greene's A Burnt-out Case and its Swedish translation


Junnikkala, Raimo: On the subclassification and use of directives in English

Jussilainen, Harri: Different aspects of conversation with special reference to dialogue in R. Chandler's Playback and J. Steinbeck's Once There Was a War

Kangas, Kari: Errors in the usage of the articles in English made by Finnish students

Karppinen, Marja: Personal element in James Baldwin's Go Tell It On The Mountain

Kaski, Pirkko: English language tests by Sukol 1977,1978 and 1979 compared with the aims of Pops and Vikke

Kaukoranta, Anna-Liisa: Studies in the vocabulary of history, psychology and present-day fiction

Kerola, Leena: On the grammar of certain 'focusing adverbs' in English and their translations into Finnish

Lehtinen, Matti: The British translation of Linna's Tuntematon sotilas

Niskakoski, Lea: Aspects of idiolect in English fiction

Pihkakoski, Pirkko: An analysis of selective verbforms taught on the upper level in the Finnish comprehensive school

Piippo, Marketta: On the use of the articles in English and Swedish: A contrastive study

Pyhtilä, Aino: Some characteristic linguistic features of the stream-of-consciousness technique used by Katherine Mansfield in her short stories with special reference to inte

Ruuskanen, Marja: Errors made by approbatur students in a translation

Sirviö, Ulla: The role and nature of audio-visual aids in foreign language teaching with special reference to two teaching packages intended for the upper level of the Finnish

Vainio-Mattila, Pirkko: English loan-words in Swahili: A contrastive study

Volmari, Anja: Evaluating the traditional and the modern teaching of pronunciation


Hannula, Soile: Differentiation in language teaching: A comparison between English and Swedish

Hauska, Marjatta: The pessimism of Graham Greene

Hämeenaho, Tiia: The position of time, place and process adjuncts in English and in Swedish on the basis of the novel Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and its translation into

Hämäläinen, Sirpa: A comparative study of exercises in language workbooks intended for the upper forms of the Finnish comprehensive school

Karjalainen, Marja: Definiteness and indefiniteness in Finnish and English. A study in noun phrases

Kojo, Kristiina: A stylistic study of Väinö Linna's novel Tuntematon sotilas and its English translation The Unknown Soldier with special reference to the character Rokka

Kurttila, Mirva: A contrastive error analysis. English fricatives as produced by Finns

Körkkö, Pentti: English stress: Linguistic function and acoustic features

Liljeberg, Kaarina: A comparative stylistic study of the Authorized Version and The New English Bible

Oja, Tuula: 'Do' in the works of Thomas Deloney, Thomas Nashe and Robert Greene

Ojanen, Eila: Semantic roles and subjectivization: An experiment in deep case analysis

Orajärvi, Airi: The English modal auxiliaries and their Finnish equivalents in A Farewell To Arms and Jäähyväiset aseille

Rousti-Klemetti, Anneli: A comparative study of the style in George Orwell's and Aldous Huxley's essays

Rönty, Kaino: A study of the inserted clauses in Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding, in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and in The Power And The Glory by Graham Greene

Seppälä, Anneli: Clause and sentence relationships in three versions of the English Bible

Vesala, Anna-Kaisa: Hardy's representation of dialect pronunciation in three of his Wessex novels

Vilmunen, Kerttu: Violence and its thematic functions in Erskine Caldwell's short stories of the early thirties

Wondafrash, Aila: Evaluating the cultural content of the subject matter in four English textbooks for the Finnish upper forms


Hellen, Päivi: A comparative study of advertising English in women's magazines and in The Sunday Times

Heusala, Ritva: An analysis of grammatical errors in finite verb phrases made by Finnish secondary school pupils in translation

Härkönen, Ritva: Dialogue in Tortilla Flat, Of Mice And Men, and The Winter Of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck

Joutsijärvi, Annikki: Themes of good and evil in the children's books of C.S. Lewis

Järvenpää, Pirkko: Noun phrases in advertisements

Kemilä, Lauri: Comparison between school and university results and attitudes towards English at school and in university among a group of approbatur students

Keränen, Raija: On the Finnish translation of the English gerund

Kettunen, Maija-Liisa: Expressions of future time in two novels by Iris Murdoch

Korpikoski, Maj-Lis: A comparative study in the style of the dialogue of James Joyce's three novels Dubliners, A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, and Ulysses

Kuusniemi, Maija-Liisa: A contrastive study of F.E. Sillanpää's Ihmiset suviyössä and its English translation

Leskinen, Kristiina: Biblical and other themes in The Grapes Of Wrath and East Of Eden

Liuski, Irma: Classical influence in some of T.S. Eliot's works

Lohikoski, Paula: The Finnish indefinite person and its English equivalents in two novels by Sillanpää

Luokkala, Osmo: The language of ice-hockey

Peura, Maria-Liisa: Compounds in Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood and its Finnish translation

Ryynänen, Sinikka: The grammatical and semantic subject: A quantitative analysis

Sairanen, Helena: The Europeans by Henry James and Eurooppalaiset the Finnish translation by Kalevi Lappalainen: A comparison of forms

Tervo, Heli: Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - from paperbacks to popularity

Vallirinne, Maire: On the fricative discrimination and production ability of Finnish schoolchildren

Vihelä, Vieno: The use of dialogue in the teaching of English as a foreign language with special reference to two third-form textbooks used in Finland

Vilpponen, Virpi: The world of a feminist: A study of cities of the interior by Anais Nin

Vuoti, Annikki: Adjectival vocabulary in advertising English


Harmaala, Hannele: A comparison of negation in English and Swedish on the basis of Graham Greene's The Honorary Consul and its Swedish translation

Hyvönen, Irma: The position of time adjuncts and disjuncts in Finnish and in English on the basis of the novel Sinuhe the Egyptian by Mika Waltari

Höyhtyä, Elli: Errors in verb phrases made by university students

Kokko, Kyllikki: Mark Twain's use of linguistic means to differentiate the speech habits of his main characters in The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

Konttinen, Pirjo: Characterization through dialogue in The Pickwick Papers and David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Kuure, Leena: Readibility in James Joyce's novels and their Finnish translations

Launonen, Sisko: The use of verb and adjective intensifiers in an English magazine

Liisanantti, Maritta: A syntactic comparison of English and Finnish advertisements

Linna, Timo: On the correlation of the finite tenses in Somerset Maugham's On A Chinese Screen and its French version

Manninen, Irma: Molly Bloom's international monologue in James Joyce's Ulysses

Myhrberg, Marja-Liisa: On the translation of the English progressive form into German

Nuortio, Anneli: Readability of advertising English

Oilinki, Helena: The position of place, process and time adjuncts in English and Finnish: A comparison

Pennanen, Pirjo: The perception and production of English interrogative intonation patterns by Finnish learners

Puijola, Riitta: A comparative study of the vocabularies in two textbooks for upper form English

Pöyry, Marja: The character of Heathcliff in Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights as reflected in the speech of the other characters: A study in imagery, nouns and adjectiv

Raappana, Sinikka: Irony as a literary device in Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent

Rekunen, Veikko: Aspects of the satire in the Tarzan-novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ryytty, Jorma: The proportions of semantic fields in the vocabularies of English textbooks

Syrjäkari, Aila: A stylistic analysis of the letter-pages of three women's magazines: Woman, Cosmopolitan and OK And Hi!

Törmälä, Liisa: Political attitudes as reflected in the language of The Morning Star and The Daily Telegraph

Vainio, Riitta: The evaluation of English textbooks: The four textbooks for the 5th grade of the comprehensive school analysed

Viinamäki, Eeva: Errors made by pupils in the first class of high school

Vilppola, Arja: A study of the interlanguage of Finnish schoolchildren learning English

Väliaho, Aino: A study of some grammatical features in Lay My Burden Down

Väänänen, Tuula: On the perception and production of English word stress by Finnish students

Väätäjä, Tuuli: The translation into English of proper names and their epithets in the Second Book of Virgil's Aeneid  


Haverinen, Marja-Leena: Studies in sentence linkage in two different styles

Joenväärä, Aila: Iris Murdoch as philosopher and novelist: A study of theory and practice

Koivisto, Saila: Clause equivalents in Mika Waltari's Sinuhe and their translation into English

Komulainen, Raimo: A comparison between errors made by Finnish schoolchildren in translation and free composition

Kärkkäinen, Arvo: The presentation and teaching of the articles in some Finnish textbooks of English

Marjamäki, Ulla-Maija: Readability of children's books of two different periods

Myllyaho, Rauni: Jewishness in the works of Bernard Malamud and Philip Roth

Niemelä, Maija-Liisa: Differences in the use of the definite article in Bertrand Russell's Our Knowledge Of The External World and its German version

Reinikainen, Liisa: Adverbs in Ihmiset suviyössä by F.E. Sillanpää and its English version

Suomela-Salmi, Eija: The problem of identity in four plays of Samuel Beckett

Tauriainen, Asta: The use of adjectivals in Wuthering Heights

Torikka, Lea: The Finnish genitive in F.E. Sillanpää's novel Ihmiset suviyössä and its equivalents in the English translation

Ylimannila, Hannu: A comparative stylolinguistic study: Henry James's novel The Wings Of The Dove


Heikkinen, Ritva: A comparative study of the presentation of the tenses in language textbooks intended for Finnish secondary school

Heino, Salme: English translations of the Finnish words ending in -minen and their modifiers

Huhta, Marjatta: On the Finnish translation of the English infinitive in different syntactic functions

Huttunen, Kaarina: Negation in English: A comparison of negative expressions in Hemingway and Steinbeck

Iivari, Anja: Study on the words derived from Latin in some English newspapers

Jakkula, Liisa: The idea of evolution in the works of Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells

Julkunen, Arja-Liisa: A study of stylistic differences in three versions of the English Bible

Karjalainen, Kalevi: Parallelism in some speeches of Winston Churchill

Komulainen, Liisa: Coleridge's concept of imagination as interpreted by I.A. Richards with reference to cultural background factors and metaphor

Luukas, Paula: On the dependence of sound duration on word lenght in isolated words

Luukkonen, Sinikka: Women characters and main themes related to them in Charlotte Bronte

Merilä, Liisa: Nonstandard linguistic features in Ralph Ellison's novel Invisible Man

Norjamäki, Terttu: The terms of address in the plays of Shakespeare, Sheridan and Wilde

Ojasto, Seppo: Hypotactic, paratactic and simple sentences in the editorial and comment columns of some 'quality' and 'popular' papers

Paakkola, Terttu: Comparison of the teacher's books for two elementary level English courses

Pallari, Briitta: Aspects of Eugene O'Neill's plays

Palovaara, Liisa: Vivid imagery and descriptive words in Kivi's Seitsemän veljestä compared with their English equivalents in Matson's translation Seven Brothers

Pennala, Marja: Some means of persuasion in Bernard Shaw's non-dramatic prose

Pihkakoski, Tuomo: On the formant structure of selected British and American English diphthongs. A comparison

Rimpinen, Helena: A study of compounds in three novels by Iris Murdoch

Tuominen, Markku: Aspects of tragedy

Väisänen, Matti: The use of free interrogatives in different types of English prose

Väliaho, Jukka: A quantitative study of the stylistic features of Joseph Conrad's prose

Ylimannila, Anneli: A linguistic study of prose styles: D.H. Lawrence and Samuel Johnson

Ylävaara, Jorma: A study of English plosives with special reference to aspiration and learning difficulties met by Finnish students of English


Heikkilä, Anne: About the social background of the main characters in Jane Austen's novels Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma

Huttunen, Pentti: The participial constructions in Saul Bellow, Mr Sammler's Planet and their Finnish translations

Isto, Anneli: Social and political criticism in three of George Orwell's and Aldous Huxley's Distopian novels

Jouppi, Aili: Linguistic class indication in the speech of Charles Dickens's characters

Kannas, Ulla: The change of Eliot's attitude to life in the Quartets

Kemppainen, Pekka: Aspects of vowel duration in standard English

Keränen, Eila: The themes of loneliness and isolation in the novels of Virginia Woolf

Keränen, Soili: The relationships between blacks and whites in Faulkner's novels Absalom, Absalom, Light In August, Go Down Moses, and Intruder In The Dust

Kärkkäinen, Marja-Leena: The technique of point-of-view in some of Evelyn Waugh's novels

Kärkkäinen, Markku: A comparative study of relative clauses in Francis Bacon's, Joseph Addison's and T.S. Eliot's essays

Lappalainen, Liisa: Comparative studies of two English translations of Ovid's Metamorphoses (Books I and II)

Latva-Rahnasto, Kaija: The verb-adverb combinations in the novels of Jane Austen

Lauttamus, Timo: English and Finnish sibilants: A comparison

Manninen, Kaarina: Aspect of time in Virginia Woolf's novels Jacob's Room, Mrs Dalloway, and To The Lighthouse

Mäntyoja, Eero: The nonstandard features of pronunciation and grammar in the dialogue Maggie: A Girl of The Streets by Stephen Crane

Parhi, Paula: Images of progress in three novels by George Eliot

Pietikäinen, Kaisa: F. Scott Fitzgerald and his male characters

Pulkkinen, Liisa: The use of relative constructions in two novels by Daniel Defoe and Virginia Woolf

Rae, Anja: The translation of the Finnish II and III infinitives into English

Ruuska, Eila: The concurrence of the gerund and the infinitive in four novels by W.Somerset Maugham

Sallinen, Riitta: Women characters in some of D.H. Lawrence's novels

Seurujärvi, Irja: Studies in sentence structure in three novels by Hemingway

Tuohimaa, Rauni: The evaluation of language textbooks for Finnish comprehensive schools


Hiltunen, Kaisu: Main themes in Evelyn Waugh's production

Karjalainen, Leena: Personal elements in the short stories of Katherine Mansfield

Koskela, Salme: Studies in the narrative technique of Katherine Mansfield's short stories

Kosula, Laura: The American negro in search of identity

Laitinen, Laina: Bertrand Russell's educational ideas in English cultural life

Marjomaa, Ilkka: The effect of changes in the rate of speech on English and Finnish vowel duration: Introduction and analysis

Norjamäki, Seppo: The concurrence of the infinitive and the gerund in G.B. Shaw's plays and their prefaces

Raudasvirta, Pekka: Family and society in Arthur Miller's drama

Räisänen, Pirkko: Ideas about Shaw's women characters as reflected in his plays

Rönkkö, Tapani: The language of news items in some newspapers

Savolainen, Ritva: Ernest Hemingway: A representative of the cult of the simple

Suorsa, Sirkka-Liisa: Inversion in E.M. Forster's A Room With A View, Howard's End, and A Passage To India

Tahkola, Jouko: The theme of war in some of Ernest Hemingway's works


Junnilainen, Raija: Imagery in three of Thomas Hardy's novels Far From The Madding Crowd, The Return Of The Native, and Jude The Obscure

Karjalainen, Tuula: Inversion in early and late modern English: A comparative study of Thomas Nashe and Graham Greene

Kauppi, Matti: The aspect of 'domestic drama' in the plays of Edward Albee

Lahtinen, Kirsti: Dramatic technique in some of Tennessee Williams' plays

Lehtinen, Pirkko: Studies in the vocabularies of present-day English fiction and newspapers

Leinonen, Seija: Some main characters in Iris Murdoch's The Sandcastle, The Bell, and The Unicorn

Lohiniva, Sirkka-Liisa: Social criticism in the works of Jack London

Pajunen, Marja: Studies in the vocabulary of sports news stories and sports articles in some recent English and American newspapers

Paloranta, Anneli: A comparison of genitives in Thomas Nashe's The Unfortunate Traveller, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Saloila, Irmeli: Compound words in three of Thomas Hardy's novels

Tarkiainen, Marja: Inversion in George Eliot's Middlemarch

Tokkonen, Tellervo: Patterns of behaviour and attitudes to society of woman characters in Jane Austen's novels

Tolonen, Sirkka-Liisa: The influence of urbanization upon the characters in the novels of Dreiser, Dos Passos and Farrel 


Magga, Tuomas: On the duration of British English pure vowels

Paavolainen, Sirkka-Marja: Theme of broken love in some of Thomas Hardy's novels

Sorri, Pirkko: The pronunciation of French sounds in middle English before the fifteenth century

Vuorela, Raili: A comparative study of relative constructions in two novels and plays by Graham Greene


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