Social Action Formats: Linguistic, Prosodic and Embodied Practices in Spoken English and Finnish


‘Social Action Formats’ is an international research project carried out in English Philology at the University of Oulu, Faculty of Humanities. In its orientation, the project combines the insights of conversation analysis and interactional linguistics.

The main objective of the project is an empirical description of the interconnectedness and concurrent use of linguistic form, prosody and embodied practices in the construction of social actions and turns-at-talk. By social action formats we understand the recurrent linguistic routines or schemas and conversational patterns that originate in the interactional needs of participants in talk-in-interaction, and that have become sedimented for the accomplishment of certain social actions in everyday and more planned varieties of conversational English and Finnish.


Project funding

Academy of Finland: funding for research project 2009-2014.

University of Oulu: Postdoctoral researcher’s post for Keisanen 2009-2010.

University of Oulu, Faculty of Humanities: Postdoctoral researcher’s post for Keisanen 2011-2012

Last updated: 18.10.2017