Talk&Drive: Mobility, Language and Embodied Practices as Resources for Social Action in Face-to-Face and Mobile Phone Interaction in Cars

Talk&Drive (2009-2012) was an international research project that studied interaction in cars.

The project studied interactions between co-present participants in the car (i.e. driver and passengers), mobile phone interactions between participants in the car and in other locations, and interactions between the driver/passengers and the car's control system and different in-car devices.

The project drew on the methods used, and questions asked, in conversation analysis, multimodal interaction analysis and functional-interactional linguistics in an interdisciplinary context. The data came from audio-video recordings of naturally-occurring interaction inside cars.

Talk&Drive produced new research in the following areas:

  • theoretical understanding of 'mobility',
  • language, grammar and motion events as part of social action, and
  • social organization of driving and interaction in cars.
  • In addition to contributing to conversation analysis and interaction analysis, the findings of the project are expected to interest scholars in cognitive linguistics, gesture studies, sociology, human geography and psychology. Some of the findings may further be put to significant practical use in the improvement of traffic safety.

Project Director
Pentti Haddington

Project Researcher
Mirka Rauniomaa

Research Assistant
Minna Pelkonen

Project funding for the years 2009-2011: Emil Aaltonen Foundation

Last updated: 12.12.2016