Activities in the PeaceTalk project

Crisis management training exercises

Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE17) 22.–26.4.2017 (as observers)

VIKING18 Exercise 16.4.–26.4.2018 (data collection)

European Union Integrated Crisis Management Course (EUICMC), 2.-7.9.2019 (as course participant)

United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course (UNMEM 3/18), 7.–8.11.2018 and 13.–14.11.2018 (as observers)

United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course (UNMEM 1/19), 11.–27.3.2019 (data collection)

Combined Joint Staff Exercise (CJSE18) 6.–10.4.2019 (as an observer)

United Nations Military Experts on Mission Course (UNMEM 2/19), 19.8.–4.9.2019 (data collection)


Meetings and seminars with the crisis management training community

Meeting with Finnish Defence University, FINCENT and CMC Finland, 21.8.2019 (Santahamina, Helsinki)

Meeting with FINCENT leadership and UNMEM instructors, 30.10.2019 (Santahamina, Helsinki)

UNMEM workshop, presenting findings, 4.11.2020 (Santahamina, Helsinki)

EAPTC Annual Meeting (online) 17.11.2020


Scientific seminars, workshops and conferences

COACT pre-conference workshop, Oulu 16.4.2019

  • Pentti Haddington, Antti Kamunen, Iira Rautiainen & Antti Siipo: Talk, interaction and discourse in multinational crisis management training – The complexity of collecting audio, video and other research materials

COACT conference, Oulu 24.–26.4.2019

  • Iira Rautiainen: Interactions across organisations in multinational crisis management training (talk)

  • Antti Kamunen & Pentti Haddington: Studying a complex interactional stting – Interaction in multinational crisis management training (talk)

IIEMCA, Mannheim, Germany 2.–5.7.2019

  • Antti Kamunen, Pentti Haddington & Iira Rautiainen: Studying a complex interactional setting – Interaction in multinational crisis management training (talk)

AILA-Europe Junior researcher meeting in applied linguistics, Sarajevo 26.–28.9.2019

  • Iira Rautiainen: Staying safe. Interactional practices in military observer training

AFinLA symposium, Oulu, Finland 15.–16.11.2019

  • Iira Rautiainen and Pentti Haddington: “Do you know where Victor seven is now?” Navigating as a team in UN military observer course

CA Day, Loughborough 16.12. 2019

  • Antti Kamunen: Noticing threats and verbalising action in UN Military Observers' training

  • Iira Rautiainen & Pentti Haddington: Team navigation in car patrols in UN military observer course

KETU-päivät, Helsinki 6.–7.2020

  • Iira Rautiainen, Antti Kamunen & Pentti Haddington: Puhe ja vuorovaikutus monikansallisessa YK:n sotilastarkkailijakoulutuksessa)

MOBSIN, online seminar 4.–8.5.2020 (data sessions)

Crisis Talk mini online seminar 5.–6.11.2020

  • Iira Rautiainen: "Say again”: a formulaic repair-initiator in radio communication on a multinational military observer course

  • Antti Kamunen: Joint sense-making in categorising possible threats in UN Military Observer training

  • Pentti Haddington: From first noticings to observation activity in UN military observer training


Research visits

Finnish National Defence University (Antti Kamunen), 1.10.2020–31.3.2021

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