Pertti Sarala

My background is in Quaternary geology, glacial geology and applied surficial mineral exploration. At the moment, I'm holding a joint research professor' post with the Geological Survey of Finland and OMS.

Research questions and exploration challenges are focused particularly in the applied geochemical exploration issues and the development of geochemical exploration techniques in glaciated terrains and related environments. Particular interest is on advanced, low-impact geochemical exploration techniques that leave minor traces to the environment (such as weak leach techniques of upper soils) and are therefore suitable for sensitive, northern regions. Furthermore, research, teaching and the student projects concern the surficial exploration as a multi-methodological process, which includes good knowledge of geology, geophysic, geochemistry, mineralogy together with surficial geological factors. This is supported by field (on-site) and laboratory analysis techniques and data processing and analysis using, for example, statistical methods. Research are funded by many EU funded projects.

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Pertti Sarala, maaperägeologinen malminetsintä ja geokemia