Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen

Nuorempi apulaisprofessori (Tenure), Fibrobesity Profi 6
Molekyyli- ja lisääntymisbiologia

Protein and Structural Biology
Biokemian ja molekyylilääketieteen tiedekunta

Renata Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen

I have a long-lasting interest and expertise in the field of reproductive biology starting with early sex determination, gamet devevelopment, and genetic cuases of infertility. My research work is aiming to bring new knowledge and deepen current understanding of the fundamental and novel processes related to reproductive biology. Currently we are specificaly focusing on:

(I) Uterine organogenesis, uterine gland and extracellular matrix role in establishment and maintenance of pregnancy.

(II) Characterisaton of novel genes responsible for male infertility.

I have special interest in imaging technologies, in particularly 3D imaging of mesoscopic size specimens e.g. optical projection tomography and multiphoton confocal microscopy. We use these techniques to elucidate the organ function related to its 3D structures like ureteric tree in kidney, mammary or uterine glands.

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