Join the Gamification for Sustainability course

Gamification for Sustainability is a new course at ITEE and will be organized in period 2, in November for the first time.

The course can be found in Peppi with the code II00AM74-3001 (3 ECTS).

The link to the course in the study guide is

The course is offered this year as part of the Sustainability Studies Network. There are no prerequisites; the course is targeted at students at any level who are interested in gamification, sustainability, and user-centred design. Students will grasp the main concepts related to gamification, design, and sustainability and apply them in designing a gamified application. The course is offered in hybrid mode.

Learning outcomes

By completing the course, the student will:

  • Understand the importance and dimensions of sustainability and climate change.
  • Understand the challenges of communicating climate change and sustainability issues.
  • Understand and apply the concepts of user engagement, individual engagement, and public engagement in the context of sustainable behaviour.
  • Understand and apply the characteristics of gamification to promoting sustainable behaviour.
  • Understand and apply the principles of user-centred design and interaction design to gamification design.
  • Familiarize with current research and challenges in gamification research for sustainability.
  • Design a gamified application for promoting sustainability.
  1. Sustainability and climate change
  2. Climate change communication
  3. Engagement with climate change
  4. Gamification, games, serious games
  5. User-centred design
  6. Interaction design
  7. Gamification design
  8. Gamification research for sustainability
Study Methods

To complete the course the students will write lecture diaries and complete assignments, group project work, and seminar presentation.

Course schedule

Registration deadline 29.10.2023


Thu 02.11.2023 10:15-12:00 TS133 & Zoom

Tue 07.11.2023 10:15-12:00 TS133 & Zoom

Thu 09.11.2023 10:15-12:00 TS133 & Zoom

Thu 16.11.2023 10:15-12:00 TS133 & Zoom


Thu 30.11.2023 13:15-16:00 TS133 & Zoom

More information is available on Peppi.

For more information please contact:
Dorina Rajanen,
University Lecturer
ITEE/ Information Processing Science/ Interact Research Unit

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