The curriculum is available in WebOodi. The student makes his/her own schedule by picking the courses (s)he wants to complete with the assistance of the Lukkari tool.

The periods indicated in the course descriptions are timed so that periods 1 and 2 are during the autumn term, while periods 3 and 4 are during the spring term.

Most courses include an examination, even though its form varies from course to course. In addition to formal examinations, essays and study diaries are also common forms of assessment.

The examinations for lecture courses do not usually require sign-up. Courses that are offered as book exams during the Faculty’s exam dates must be signed up for in WebOodi at least 10 days in advance. Late sign-ups are not accepted.

The Faculty exam dates can be found on the Faculty’s website. Exam results can be viewed from the student’s electronic study transcript in WebOodi, they are also posted on the department’s bulletin board.

Last updated: 18.8.2016