The study of Finnish language, or Fennistics, is a humanistic science concerned with teaching and researching the usage, structure, different forms of variation and development of language. At the University of Oulu, the research is focused on sociolinguistics, especially the research of Northern Baltic-Finnic minority languages and Northern Finnish spoken language, as well as the research and semantics of learner language. A Northern perspective is emphasised in the selection of research data and topics.

The aim of Finnish Studies is to train multidisciplinary language professionals, particularly for the needs of Northern Finland. The Finnish department is renowned for being a developer of teaching skills, and it specializes in web-based learning.

The degree programme focuses on analysing Finnish through various linguistic approaches; studying language structures, changes and variations, as well as the applications of language in communication. Studies of Finnish Language in the Faculty of Humanities are intended for students who either are native speakers of Finnish or have near-native competence in Finnish. The department does not offer language courses in Finnish, but rather the curriculum includes different linguistic approaches to the Finnish language. Students holding a BA degree from a foreign university with Finnish as their major subject can apply to the MA programme.

Study guidance is provided by Professor Harri Mantila, +358 294 483471, harri.mantila(at)


Last updated: 30.10.2014