Finnish as subsidiary subject

Students majoring in Literature who aim to teach Finnish and literature in schools must choose Finnish as a minor. Finnish is also a good subsidiary for students in other language programmes, or students of history or information studies as well as those who are studying at the Faculty of Education. All students in the Literature programme may study Finnish as a subsidiary subject. Other students must pass an entrance exam (see the subsection on admission requirements and commencement of studies). Entrance exam is held every spring and the application form is under this text as a pdf-file. It is also possible to receive accreditation for previous studies (the so-called AHOT, Professor Harri Mantila is the responsible authority).

Students that have Finnish as a subsidiary subject are required to complete the courses Structures of Finnish (3 ECTS credits), Introduction to General Linguistics (4 ECTS credits) and Introduction to Phonetics (3 ECTS credits). These courses are compiled in the elective Intermediate Level study package, even though the courses are completed at the beginning of Basic Level studies. If these courses are compulsory for the student’s own major subject (e.g. other language programmes), students complete a correlating amount of other elective courses (10 ECTS credits). Subsidiary subject students do not complete the course Theories and Methods of Fennistics.

A thesis (20 ECTS credits) is a compulsory requirement of Advanced Level studies for students taking Finnish as a subsidiary subject.

Last updated: 13.8.2014