Current Projects

Place names of multilingual Aanaar (Ph.D. Taarna Valtonen)

Saami Culture Archive

Domestication of Indigenous Discourses?

The Máinnasheargi research project - Modern viewpoints on Saami oral tradition

  • The Máinnasheargi research project studies the oral tradition of Saami people living in Finland, in other words the unwritten forms of tradition of North Saami, Skolt Saami and Inari Saami.

Skolt Saami Music (Ph.D. Marko Jouste)

Skolt Saami Memory Bank  (Ph.D. Marko Jouste)

  • Skolt Saami Memory Bank - A Pilot for Data Management and Revitalisation of Endangered Skolt Saami Music, Language, and Culture



    Last updated: 10.9.2019