Magga, Anne-Maria

Anne-Maria Magga (2015-2016) analyzes the governance of Sámi reindeer husbandry both in the siida system and in official management in Finland. Also the frictions and conflicts related to operationalizing customary laws, traditional practices and indigenous peoples' rights  will be tackled. The aim of the study is to find out how Sámi reindeer herders’ traditional decision-making and governance models could help to develop and re-establish own models of self-governance. Theoretically, the research is founded on indigenous anti-colonial theory and legal pluralism. The empirical fieldwork is based on collaborative research method in which the communities participate actively to the knowledge production at every steps of the research.

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Magga, Anne-Maria 2014. Rakenteellinen rasismi saamelaisen poronhoidon hallinnossa Suomessa. Kosmopolis 44(3–4). 61–77.

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