Harlin, Eeva-Kristiina

Eeva Kristiina Harlin (2015-2016) is studying how the idea of repatriation or returning the Sámi heritage from majority museums and collections has been adopted from other indigenous peoples to Nordic context, especially to Sámi-Finnish relations. Parallel to linguistic revitalization, repatriations have become important in revival of Sámi cultural heritage. In the frames of postcolonial theories, Harlin examines how Sámi actors are using repatriation processes as tools for reconstructing identities and dismantle dominant representations. As research material, Harlin is interpreting textual materials. e.g. official reports and correspondence, making interviews and analyzing representations both in Finnish and Sámi museum exhibitions.

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Harlin, Eeva-Kristiina 2008. Repatriation as Knowledge Sharing – Returning the Sámi Cultural Heritage. Teoksessa Gabriel, M. ja Dahl, J. (toim). Utimut: Past Heritage - Future Partnerships, Discussions on Repatriation in the 21st Century. IWGIA & the Greenland National Museum & Archives. Copenhagen 2008.

Harlin, Eeva-Kristiina 2008. Recalling Ancestral Voices – Repatriation of Sámi Cultural Heritage. Interreg IIIA –projektin loppuraportti. [www-dokumentti].

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