Literature – novels, poems, plays – can be seen, in a way, as research. Literary art works study those linguistic and narrative means that can be used in order to represent and mediate human experience. Literary research aims at mapping those means through historical and theoretical approaches. Literature is perceived as an aesthetic and linguistic phenomenon, which is connected to its cultural and social surroundings. One can study literary classics as well as experimental postmodern poetry, science fiction as well as children’s literature, fantasy novels as well as creative non-fiction.

The methods of analysis and interpretation that have been developed within literary studies may be applied, for example, also to the in-depth study of media texts. In addition to the literary theory, analysis, and history, the discipline of Literature offers introductions to creative writing and reading therapy. If one chooses to be a teacher of Finnish language and literature, then one of the subsidiary subjects will be Finnish language. In other cases, the student may choose his or her subsidiary subjects from a wide range of possibilities.




Last updated: 26.8.2015