Research Themes

The Microelectronics Research Unit has two professors. Heli Jantunen is a professor in Technical Physics and Krisztian Kordas in Micro and Nano Materials and Components for ICT Applications. Its research is based on the value chain which consists of

•    Material science
•    Process development
•    Electronics applications

which are supported by different kind of characterization tools and knowledge, and software modelling.

Our research is application driven. We first focus on the device or component, and apply the process technology and material development which fits best to the application. Materials science provides a strong basis for wide-ranging research, which allows development for various applications including sensors, energy harvesters and storages, actuators, CNT and 2D materials based semicondutive components, versatile high frequency passive devices, and their overall integration into a modules.

As an example, we have develop antennas for disposable flexible devices and innovative materials and structures for demanding high frequency applications. We have also been the first group in the world introducing a possibility of fabricate e.g. high frequency bulk antennas based on electroceramics without any sintering step as a result of Prof. Jantunen’s ERC Advanced Grant project. Additionally, a material that can convert movement, light and heat into electricity have been invented in the group. We are strong on each part of the value chain allowing us to work in versatile research projects with the support of our national and international partners.

Last updated: 7.11.2018