Cell culture laboratory

The cell lab of the Microelectronics Research Unit was designed to allow the evaluation of the cellular response to various nanomaterial-based scaffolds and templates. This lab has all the required equipment to grow different mammalian cell types on various substrates (e.g. hydrogels, 3D matrices, pillars) as well as provide physical stimulation during cell culture period. The lab is also equipped for basic cell response evaluation (e.g. immunostaining, PCR and gel electrophoresis).

Equipment include:                                                                     

  • cell culture hood
  • fume hood
  • CO2 incubator
  • Autoclave
  • cell counting device
  • inverted microscope for cell culture use
  • PCR equipment

See detailed list of equipment

If you are interested of co-operation with the lab premises, please contact Lauriane Janssen or Gabriela Lorite.


Last updated: 21.5.2019