Full list of equipment

This is the full list of equipment of Microelectronics Research Unit. In addition we hav equipment with the Microscopy and nanotechnology center.

The list has been updated 10th of June 2019.

Electronics materials processing facilities 

ACXYS ULS Atmospheric pressure plasma system
FRITSCH Pulverisette 6 Planetary mill
RETSCH Ball mill 
RETSCH Grinder
RETSCH Vibro sieve unit
P O WEBER PW 20 HS Hotpress
BUNGARD RPM 210 Multilayer press
ERWEKA AR400 Triple roll mill 
PASCALL Triple roll mill 
PARR 4525 Autoclave system
HAAKE MiniLab Micro compounder extruder
HAAKE MiniJet Injection molding system
SIKAMA Falcon 5C Reflow furnace
WAB ResearchLab Nano mill
CARBOLITE STF15/75 Tube furnace 
IKA RV10 vaporizer/distiller
HETTICH Universal 320 Centrifuge
NABERTHERM Sintering ovens 
HERAEUS Test oven
MEMMERT Drying cabinets
EKRA XH STS Screen-printer 
FUJI DIMATIX DPM-2831 Material printer 
BUEHLER ISOMET 4000 Precision saw
STRUERS TegraPol 25 Polisher 
STRUERS EPOVAC Mounting equipment
SONICS Vibra-cell Ultrasonic processor
PTC VF-1000 Via filler
PTC IL-4080 Isostatic laminator
FINNSONIC Ultrasonic baths
FORMLABS Form2 3D printer
MARKERBOT Replicator 2X 3D printer
LEAPFROG 3D printer
CARBOLITE GERO Tube furnace-systems for nanomaterial researching
THERMOLYNE Tube furnace-systems for nanotube synthesis
UNICAST 2000 Laboratory Tape Caster

Materials characterization equipment

VEECO Dimension 3100 AFM system
WENTWORTH Probe station 
ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000 microscope 
LEITZ ERGOLUX Optical Microscope 
PRINCETON Versastat3 Potentiostat
GASMET DX4040 Gas analyzer
CUSTOMIZED flexible gas measuring system
PALAS RBG1000 Solid particle disperser
OLYMPUS BX51 Microscope with camera
FEINFOCUS X-Ray System FXS-160.40 
SONOSCAN 9000 Acoustic microscope 
LPKF ProtoLaserU3 Laser machining unit 
BRUKER NanoScope V Scanning Probe Microscope
SCHRODINGER's SHARPENER SS02 Tip fabrication equipment
HAAKE MARS 40 Rheometer
MALVERM Zetasizer Nano ZSP Zetapotentio equipment
PRECISA Precision weighing balances
ABB IE3 based vibration environment emulation system
VIBRATION Isolated measurement facilities
NETZSCH DIL402PC Dilatometer
ANTER Flashline 3000 Thermal diffusivity system
FLIR B60 Thermal camera
RADIANT P-HVA10 Precision material analyzer 
RADIANT RTV6000HVS, Bulk ceramic Device, Nonlinear Thin Film and Ferroelectric Test System 
CIE DES SENSEURS OPTIQUES, INV 89-2 Laser interferometer displacement measurement system 
EG & G Princeton Two phase lock-in amplifier 5210 
AGILENT E4991A Impedance/ Materials analyzer
HP 3577A Network analyzer 
AGILENT 8410C Network Analyzer
CASCADE RF-1 Probe station 
AGILENT 34970A Data logger
AGILENT 4284A Precision LCR meters
AGILENT E4445A Spectrum analyzer
AGILENT 4395A Network\spectrum\impedance analyzer
AGILENT 16008B Resistivity cell
KEYSIGHT E4982A Precision LCR meter
KEYSIGHT E4980AL Precision LCR meter
KEYSIGHT InfiniiVision MSOX3024T oscilloscopes
FLUKE Hydra 2635A Data loggers
KEITHLEY 2450 Sourcemeter
KEITHLEY 2636A Dual sourcemeter  
KEITHLEY 2604B Dual sourcemeter                                                  
KEITHLEY 263 Calibrator/Source
KEITHLEY 6221 Current source
KEITHLEY 2182A Nano-volt meter
TESTO 645 Humidity/temperature tester
LINKAM LNP95 with several Testing stages
SPEAG DAK Dielectric assessment kits
POSITEST AT-T Adhesion tester
QWED Split Post Dielectric Resonators (SPDR)
AIXACT TF analyzer 2000 with FE module
Brüel & Kjær Vibrator, Mini-Shaker 4810
APC d33 tester meter
FESTO Customized programmable step force simulator
HVPZT Amplifiers
POLYTEC Laser doppler vibrometer 
Michelson Interferometer (profilometer, measuring system of piezocoefficients) 
ARCTEST ARC-150 Environmental test chamber
APD Closed system cryostat 
ESPEC SU-261 temperature chamber
ESPEC BTZ-175E temperature chamber

Cell culture laboratory facilities

KOJAIR Biowizard Platinum Cell culture hood
HERAEAUS HERAcell VIOS 160i CO2 incubator
THERMO SCIENTIFIC BioCane 20 Cell storage
NANOENTEK Eve Automated cell counter
ZEISS PrimoVert Inverted microscope
LEICA DM4B with DAPI, GFP and Y3 filters Fluorescence microscope
VWR UNO96 gradient thermocycler
VWR PerfectBlue, Horizontal gel electrophoresis system
TUTNAUER 2840ELCG-D Autoclave
VWR Mega STAR 600 Centrifuge

Last updated: 10.6.2019