Chemical conversion of biomass

Lignocellulosic biomass consists of three primary chemical fractions: cellulose, a glucose polymer, hemicellulose, predominantly pentose containing sugar polymer, and lignin, a complex polyphenol. In a LCF biorefinery, the fractions are separated and processed to desired spectrum of products.

Currently, our research is specifically focused on the development of technologies related to the conversion of

  • Cellulose to 5-HMF and levulinic acid catalyzed by Brønsted and Lewis acids
  • Hemicellulose pentoses to furfural by acid catalyzed reactions and further to furfural based monomers and value-added chemicals
  • Lignin to short chain polymers with active hydroxyl groups as well as to BTX by solvolysis.



Prof. Juha Tanskanen,

Dr (Tech) Juha Ahola,

Viimeksi päivitetty: 19.3.2014